How to Compliment a Woman?

A thoughtful compliment is known to be a form of magic. With a kind word, you can cheer up the girl and make her day just wonderful. While telling how nice her new dress is, you can go even deeper. This is a great way to strengthen your tie with the lady. However, everything is not as easy as may seem to be at first glance. Paying compliments requires skills and practice.

Tips on Paying Compliments to the Girl

Every pickup master knows many phrases to flirt with a girl, but it doesn’t mean that he can start the communication with a sincere, nice compliment. Some men mistakenly think that saying “You are so beautiful” is just what can impress the lady. The reality is the opposite. Confident, successful, and attractive females expect to hear something new and exciting. These tips will help you during the acquaintance and seduction of a woman, making your path shorter and easier.

If you do not want to sound boring or trivial, then avoid saying ordinary compliments. Instead, think well about what you respect or appreciate about a definite girl. The compliment should be linked to your real feelings and be authentic. Connect all your words to the features that you value. Only by identifying what you feel, you can find proper compliments to impress the lady. Think about why you feel this way and take the first step. Be specific, choose the best compliments for a girl in one word and choose the most suitable moment to pay a compliment.

Be authentic but not hyperbolic

When you try to be sincere and specific, you have more chances to succeed in the long run. Hyperbole praise can sound cheap and empty. Even the smallest compliment will have more weight if it is authentic. For example: “It was my best night ever” will sound less meaningful than “I liked the dinner on the roof and how you smiled all evening. You were especially charming last night”. Of course, the first phrase may work, but it is quite generic. Try to be creative and say what she has not heard before. All pre-written lines are better to miss.

Go beyond beauty

Complimenting beauty is not only trivial but tricky if you see the girl for the first or second time. Perhaps she has already heard a million such words from guys who wanted to seduce the girl. This way you can scare her. Instead, tailor your compliments to something unusual that you managed to notice about the lady. In case you want to admit how beautiful she is, choose a proper context and think twice before acting.

Avoid sexual comments

Even if your primary aim is to seduce a girl on 3 dates, you are recommended to avoid sexual comments at the very beginning of your communication. Most women do not like the idea that men are looking at them as sexual objects. Do not use classy sexual comments that show your desire to get her into a bed right at the moment. Act step by step, let her feel like she is leading the game.

Mind the basic structure

To begin with, pickup basics remind you that you always should have a definite strategy. With compliments, it is all the same. Look at the basic structure that will help you succeed:
· Compliment her: “I like your style”
· Explain why: “Not all girls are so good at combining clothes and accessories”
· Ask questions, share something or challenge her: “Who inspires you?”
By learning this basic structure, you will be able to compliment the woman in a way she will surely appreciate.

Best Compliments to Give Your Girlfriend

Considering all mentioned above tips and the basic structure, it is possible to mention such examples of creative compliments for a girl:

  • I like this dress. It made you look fantastic. When can I see how you dance in it?
  • I love the way you talk about your hobbies. It is quite sexy. Can we try cooking your favorite pie together the next time?
  • It’s great to meet someone who has the same values as I do. I see how much you love your parents. Is your dad your hero?
  • You must be a good company. It looks like you have many friends. How long have you known them?

Do not forget that the surroundings and the woman’s mood play a significant role. Mind these two factors when you decide to compliment the girl, and discover more on this topic.


As can be seen, complimenting a woman requires taking a lot of details and nuances into consideration. Mind all do’s and don’ts while thinking about what to say and how to impress the girl with flirting expressions. Over time, you will improve your skills for sure and get the attention of any woman who appeals to you. If you want to learn more, them read other articles in the blog.

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