Big Dick Problems: The Struggles No One Talks About

It may seem like a genetic lottery win to have a large dick, but in reality, things are not always as simple as they seem. Most men believe that having a huge penis will solve all of their problems. They overlook the fact that there are some actual big dick problems in the real world! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and talk about the huge dick problems — the struggles no one really talks about but are very real for those who live them every day. As a bonus, learn some expert tips on how to facilitate your life with ​​a big penis in your pants and overcome all possible challenges. 

How to Know if You Have a Big Dick?

So, you’re wondering if you are one of those men with huge penises? Let’s see how to determine whether your member is large while relying on real facts and statistics. 

  • The facts don’t lie, so let’s talk numbers. A hard penis typically measures 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) in length and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in girth, based on the statistics. You might be in the big leagues if you have something around this size.
  • Sizing it up. You can grab a ruler and do a test. If you’re pushing past 6 inches (15 cm) when fully erect, you’re already ahead of the curve. You are definitely in the “wow” zone if it is more than 7 inches (18 cm).
  • Getting a partner’s feedback. It is not always about the numbers. You probably have something noteworthy in your pants if your partners are constantly commenting on your size, whether it is with praise, concern, admiration, or awkwardness.

👍What is usually considered big, actually?

  • 🧐Big penises. It is generally considered to start at 6-7 inches (15-18 cm) in length.
  • 🫢Very big penises. Approximately 7-8 inches (18–20 cm) in length.
  • 😎Huge penises. Bigger than 8 inches (20 cm) is extremely uncommon and most definitely falls into this category.

Guys with Big Cocks Have Some Sexual Challenges

big dick problems

Do guys with big cocks and dicks have some sexual challenges? Yep, they do. And sometimes they are too reserved to talk about it. But we will uncover all the possible issues regarding large sizes and sexual life right here, so don’t miss it!

Blowjobs may have unexpected outcomes

Let’s face it, even though all girls want to have sex with someone who has a big dick, not all of them will prefer to put a huge penis and cocks in their mouth. That’s for real! They simply don’t find it enjoyable. They will probably be so afraid that they will gag so hard that it might have unpleasant consequences, like throwing up. It will not be that exciting for you either. It is not going to fit your partner’s whole mouth around it. More than anything, it will be a handjob. 

Limited sexual positions

One of the most widespread big dick problems is that the poses you can change during intimate sessions are really limited. Most likely, you will not be able to let your imagination run wild. Do big penises hurt? They do, if partners choose uncomfortable poses, and during the penetration, it might cause inconveniences and even pain. That is why, the best tip here is to stick to the basic positions and talk to your partner to make everything smooth and pleasing. 

Less intimacy 

Nobody will be confused with an average size dick entering inside of them. Rather, they act without hesitation. However, those who have a giant penis will question if it will fit inside their partners. Your girlfriend will not want sex as frequently as you would like if they can not fit it inside of them. Moreover, if the session will cause inconveniences and unpleasant feelings in your partner, you might be limited to handjobs rather than penetration. For some guys, that is really a problem. 

Standard condoms simply will not fit

Men with large penis face this problem every single time they are going to have casual flings. For many, it is the largest of the issues. It actually gives you the impression of being squished into a tight pair of tights and suffocated. However, men with big penises are at a crossroads because nobody wants to get an STI. It is very uncomfortable, even though the protection is a must. You will likely have to place an online custom order for condoms, and to be honest, you do not want your roommate or relatives to see that package.

Anal pleasure is hardly for big dicks

A really big penis may cause a serious mess during anal intimacy. Unless you want your session to appear as a horror film, it is better to avoid anal penetration. You know, even lube won’t help you get inside smoothly. Neither you nor your partner will get that satisfaction from your intimacy. Of course, you can try since everything is individual. Nevertheless, it is better to have a word with your girlfriend regarding the possible outcome and those moments of pain. Believe it or not, that’s really essential.  

Hiding unexpected hard-ons is almost impossible

This issue overwhelms numerous men, especially if they appear in an awkward situation, because of a sudden erection. The last thing you want is for your big boy to highlight his presence in public. Perhaps a cute girl walks by while you are swimming, or maybe it just happens spontaneously. If so, it will not be easy to hide your big, hard penis, and you will probably have to spend some time hiding in the bathroom, thinking of unsexy and even ugly things.

How to Fix Physical Discomfort for Men with Big Dicks?

One of the big cock problems (as well as giant penises) is that physical discomfort. Men rarely discuss it, but it troubles the majority of the big dicks and cocks owners. More than anything, it is a hunt to find underwear and pants that will stick to the packaging. Not to mention the erection, which may take place when you are less expecting. So, how do you deal with those physical inconveniences? Let’s see.

Clothing issues

Let’s tackle the clothing woes. Fitted pants can feel like a straitjacket on your junk when they are holding a big package. Here is what you can do to make your life a bit easier when it comes to comfort. 

  • Opt for undergarments that offer more room and space for your penis and cocks.  Consider “contour” or boxer briefs with a pouch. 
  • Give your boys a little leeway by wearing loose or athletic-fitting jeans instead of skinny ones. 
  • Additionally, stay away from tight waistbands that can snag on your groin for the sake of comfort. 
  • Going commando is always an option if things are still tight, but be cautious around zippers — they can hurt your big boy. 

One of the most effective big dick tips is to prioritize comfort over style.

Physical activities

Sports or the gym can be extremely difficult if you have a huge dick. What are the best decisions to make your physical activities a breeze? Actually, you can apply some tricks to feel comfy during your workouts. 

  • Invest in compression shorts or a jockstrap for running or other strenuous exercise to keep everything snug and minimize bouncing. 
  • Choose bike seats with additional padding or a cutout instead of narrow ones to relieve pressure. 
  • Going swimming? To prevent bulky bulges, opt for board shorts rather than tight trunks.

To keep everything flexible and decrease the chance of strain, never forget to stretch before and after activities. 

Why Do Women Like Big Dick?

Almost every woman loves big dicks! The majority of ladies, actually! And it’s obvious! After analyzing the answers of female representatives on Quora, we identified the reasons why so many ladies are into big dicks. 

  • Greater thrills. Some women enjoy feeling full. Larger sizes can reach areas that smaller ones might miss, resulting in incredible satisfaction. The statistics wow: 57.4% of ladies enjoy those rides on big penises. 
  • Visual appeal. The appearance of a large penis has a certain power to arouse desire. It is a visual thing, similar to how some guys are attracted to particular body types. 
  • Some girls consider guys with pig packages alpha men. Men with big dicks are sometimes self-assured, and that vibe is a major turn-on for many ladies. It is not just about the size; it is also about the attitude. Both partners should enjoy what’s in their pants. 
  • Deep connection. Some women discover that they feel more intimately connected with partners who boast huge penises. Not only is there a sense of physical fulfillment, but there is also a sense of closeness. 

Anyway, before you start your intimate adventure with a woman, it is necessary to discuss your physical uniqueness before showing it off. No one is ready to have 7 inches inside them, but many ladies consider it enjoyable and sexy. Moreover, before making things hot, it is necessary to consider the physique of your partner. You will win a jackpot if your boy fits her perfectly!

woman loves big dicks


Big dick problems are those piquant things many men are confused and frustrated to talk about. Nevertheless, they still exist, and guys should know some proven ways to facilitate their lives, including sexual activities. So what’s the deal? To overcome those issues related to huge genitals, you will need to choose the right clothing, engage in physical activities properly, and discuss your intimate life with your partner. A constructive and honest talk with your significant other can help you get rid of numerous inconveniences and become more confident as a lover. 

❣️And remember, big dick problems aren’t obstacles to relationships. You can quickly solve them if there is chemistry, feelings, and mutual understanding between you and your partner.

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