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Breakup: Find Out How to Get Over a Difficult Period

After the breakup, we experience a range of negative feelings which unfortunately we cannot avoid. However, thanks to the advice of psychologists, it’s possible to handle the breakup process and make it less painful. 

The stress of a breakup often affects our mental and physical health, leading to some problems. People become emotionally unstable, suffer from sleep issues, experience eating disorders, and so on. There’re a lot of cases in which people struggle with depression. Many guys wonder how long does it take to get over a breakup. According to statistics, the average time for recovery after a breakup is 3 months. If you’re looking for ways on how to cope with a breakup pain, we are ready to share basic information that may help you. 

How Do You Handle a Break-Up

Not everyone can successfully cope with going through all the stages of a breakup. It is important to listen to yourself, but it is also worth taking professional advice into account. These tips are far from the last thing you can do, but you can try them as a starting point for overcoming all difficulties.

Take your time to go through this period

No matter what you feel you shouldn’t make yourself ignore it. Don’t keep yourself from crying. For example, you can listen to the breakup songs. It’s a normal condition for your body to go through the pain. Admit that this is just such a period in your life you have to deal with for a while. There’s nothing bad to feel that way because you lost a person who was everything to you. In the end, you will appreciate what happened in your life. When you’re done and feel nothing left inside, pay attention to things that give you pleasure.

Write a list

Practice writing lists. This is a good way to cope with all thoughts that overwhelm you inside and a way to distract yourself. It can be whatever list you want, like things to do till the end of the month or reasons why you’re a good friend. It will be really useful for you because when we make lists, the analytical part of the brain works more. 

Everyone has their place

Probably you had some nice things in your life before meeting your partner. Just think carefully. You probably had favorite places to go in childhood or had some rituals with friends you often did. See, there was life without this person and will continue without. 

Having this person in your life is just another great moment and not the last one. At least if you decide so. 

Do exercises regularly

Physical activity is probably the most useful method that helps with anxiety, depression, and stress. This is easy to explain due to our physiological characteristics. When we are physically active, our brain releases substances like endorphins and serotonin. We experience euphoria and our mood improves since they reduce cortisol levels. This will definitely not let you forget about your appearance. 

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Is Getting Back Together After a Breakup Possible?

If the reasons for the conflict were trivial or have lost relevance, you can try to get the relationship back. However, if the reason for the breakup was betrayal or physical violence the chances are too low. It’s difficult to change such behavior and usually, you have to deal with it again and again. 

You have to understand that interests and life priorities change after the breakup. There are two options: the changes can be positive and influence the relationship in a good way, or you may realize that you literally become two strangers without common ground. What if the person dated someone after the breakup that also can somehow affect your relationships.

It’s quite widespread that you spend some time apart, think over, and understand that you are still in love with the person and would like to continue the relationship, working on some problems between you. It also happens that you can’t handle the feelings but in this case, the relationship will not get a new start because you gave into the temporary passion and boredom. 

Renewing your relationship is possible when you clearly understand why you entering into this relationship again, and if it will benefit both of you. Otherwise, you risk breaking up again so look before you leap. 

Why are Breakups So Hard?

Not all of us realize that sometimes we miss not the woman but the way we feel next to her. We prefer staying in a comfort zone despite arguments and being unhappy most of the time. As soon as this world that you’ve created collapses you just don’t know how to live outside of it. The fear of a new life without the beloved woman holds you back. 

Another widespread reason is the feeling of being rejected. Even though the breakup for you is the best decision, it’s difficult for a man to feel unwanted and or unworthy anymore. That is why self-esteem often suffers.

In the long run, we all try to cope with breakups in different ways. Try any of above – mentioned things, but remember that not all methods will work out exactly for you. Learn more on this topic from related articles on our website and overcome this difficult period of your life with ease!

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