How to Seduce a Girl without Saying a Word?

secretsile most novice pickup masters are sure that using flirting phrases with a woman is the only way to attract the girl, experienced macho men have another point of view. It happens that the main secrets of successful flirting do not work with a particular girl or the situation is not suitable to attract her attention with words. This is when another powerful tool can be a great idea. Body language is an excellent way to demonstrate that you are open to communication and still do not worry about rejection from the girl.

Why Does Body Language Matter?

Unfortunately, many males do not realize the significance of body language. They are looking for the best phrases for dating and practice them with numerous girls. How surprised these men are when they see a guy who is leaving a pub with the girl in half an hour without saying a word. As can be seen, men lose so many chances to attract women because of ignoring body language. It is one of the significant elements of acquaintance and seduction of women for sure.

When the man enters the room, girls notice certain things at once. This happens on a subconscious level. Some experts even state that body language takes over 90% of all communication. Hence, if you want to attract the woman and enjoy sexual interest, then you shouldn’t ignore the effectiveness of body language.

How to Seduce a Girl with Body Language?

There are some basic rules of body language that will help you achieve your purpose easily. Study them, practice, and enjoy a great result as soon as possible.

1.Hold a strong posture

Females always choose confident and strong men. They take men as protectors so your appearance should prove this. Mind your posture and stand straight instead of looking too relaxed. This way, you will give a sense of anxiety and defeat to the girl. No flirty catchphrases will have the same effect as the look of the confident, reliable man.

2.Make an eye contact

You can look at plenty of women while dining in a restaurant, for instance. However, eye contact differs a lot from ordinary staring. Use all your charm to make eye contact as exactly eyes act as the tongue of a person’s mind. This way, you can install some connections even before starting the conversation. Ensure that you are not looking at the girl creepily. Keep her within a gaze but remember to look away from time to time.

3.Mind your shoulders

You risk looking bored, nervous, and uninterested if your shoulders are slumped. No women like such men for sure. It’s recommended to push back your shoulders. This way, you will look confident at once. Moreover, you can raise your shoulders a few times to indicate how sensitive and sweet you can be.

4.Stay your ground

Another way to emphasize your confidence is to stand your ground. If you notice that the woman takes a step towards you, avoid going back. You should stay your ground or move forward. Otherwise, the woman may think that you are not interested in communication and will close herself.

5.Don’t force a smile

Of course, you may force a smile once to show that you are having a great time, but it would be enough. You see, most women always look at the way you are chatting in a company. They pay special attention to facial expressions. A fake smile can put you a few steps back from winning her heart and attention. When you smile sincerely, all your face is looking positive while a fake smile leaves your eyes as they are.

6. Have sexual lips

If you like the woman and want to show it, then touching the lips is a proven way to do this. Lips are the first sexual connection that you can have with a girl even before that conversation starts. The woman will pay attention to your lips if you start to lick or touch them.

7.Don’t forget about your eyebrows

Most pickup lessons do not underline the significance of using eyebrows while installing the connection with a woman. The girls pay attention to the men’s eyebrows and can say a lot in the long run. For instance, if you raise your eyebrows too high, you can seem to be very rude. The woman will think that you are annoyed in case they are too low. Ensure that you know how to emote via eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

You can study pickup basics well but along with it, you should learn how to use your body language. Being very important, it can help you achieve better results in a short period. Of course, learning body language will take you some time and effort, but after all, it is worth it. Proper smile, posture, and glaze are as important as ingenious messages while chatting online. Decide whether you want to get acquainted with a charming girl on a dating website or in a local pub, and mind a strategy to achieve your purpose easily.

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