Who is a Pickup Master?

Some guys can’t quickly start communication with girls who appeal to them. These men may faсe barriers due to the absence of experience, fear, or low self-esteem. It is when “pickup” enters the stage. Discovering the answers on “who is a pickup master”, and what are the rules of pickup, every man gets a chance to attract any girl easily.

The Rise of a Pickup Master

People usually associate the notion of “pickup” with a modern form of dating when men use a special technique for seducing girls and having fun. They like to call themselves “hunters”, or conquerors.  It should be mentioned that the term has gone through an incredible transformation and more often it is associated with the men who are telling banal jokes to women. Inexperienced masters have contributed to such a tendency. As a result, numerous myths keep appearing day by day. Here are some of them:

Myth № 1

The main goal of pickup masters is to take the girl’s phone number and not call back.

Truth: The guy may call back or not depending on his desire. Taking a phone number doesn’t mean that the man is ready to marry a girl.

Myth № 2

A master only wants to seduce the girl and have sexual contact.

Truth: In fact, the man goes through the process of socialization and improves his communicative skills.

Myth № 3

Pickup masters immediately abandon the girls after achieving sexual success.

Truth: Pickup includes such a thing as “environmental friendliness”. In simpler words, experienced pickup masters always try to avoid quarrels and keep friendly relations with the girl even after parting.

Key Components for Success of Pickup Master

While some people are referring to “pickup” as a fun game, it is a well-known strategy that includes actions aimed at attracting women. Pickup artists are men who have mastered the art of seducing the frail sex. Knowing and following certain rules allows them to get the attention of any girl. There is a set of main components that are significant for a successful pickup master.


Appearance is a great advantage of any man, but it is not a guarantee of overall success. Any guy can attract the girl he likes by demonstrating his best features of character, attention, hobbies, and life values. It is significant to find common interests and start the topics that both feel comfortable discussing. If the woman looks bored, then a true master should avoid silence in the conversation by changing the topic.


It isn’t front-pager that women like men with a perfect sense of humor. A good joke can quickly change the mood and the entire direction of the conversation. Hence, the goal is to make the girl laugh and feel relaxed. An experienced master knows a lot of anecdotes and is always ready to share some funny stories with a lovely interlocutor.


The theory is half of the sexual success with women. Practice is what should be a priority. Knowing general rules of pickup strategy, every man should work out his methods to achieve the primary goal. All of them should be focused on demonstrating the interest to the girl, and making her feel a special one. Still, it is important to use appropriate facial expressions, gestures, and hints despite talking about the affection directly.

Knowing these basic components, a man is free to act depending on the situation and a particular girl, because all women are different and require a personal approach for sure.

Final Remarks – Pickup Master

While being a unique strategy of winning the girl’s attention with its own rules, pickup risks being understood incorrectly because of inexperienced pickup masters. Some of them are bad at applying pickup lessons into practice, destroying the reputation of the pickup community. Therefore, it must be mentioned that pickup masters may be either very nice people or very unpleasant individuals. Pickup masters may be bad not because they are learning how to get the girls who appeal to them, but because of their personal qualities (selfishness, overconfidence, absence of moral principles, etc.).

That’s why it is not correct to treat everyone alike. Being a master means knowing how to grab the attention of any girl with ease, remaining a true gentleman. This is a special art of communication with the frail sex, and only determined men who are ready to study and practice it, are marked out for success.

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