Pickup and Dating: How to Seduce a Girl in 3 Dates

How to Seduce a Girl in 3 Dates? What can be better than flirting and passion? Men like these feelings and they are ready for new adventures to experience them again and again. But how to achieve the purpose and not waste time? Pickup masters know the answer. If you want to seduce the girl, then learn how to do this just within 3 dates.

First of all, you need to find the woman to start your game. In case you have some ladies on the list of your contacts, avoid dealing with them.  According to statistics, seducing familiar girls or even friends is more challenging. It is recommended to meet another lady. Do not get upset if you are not good at starting the communication. The practice is what you need. Soon, you will get rid of all possible barriers and get acquainted with any girl easily. Once you find that special lady, it’s high time to start a grand game.

A Rule of 3 Dates to Seduce a Girl of Your Dream

Did your phone run out of the memory because of the numerous phone numbers of lovely ladies?  Then, you can start practicing a brilliant strategy that includes only 3 dates. Can you imagine this? Only 3 dates and the girl of your dream is in your hugs. Forget about boring meetings and endless chatting. Efficient arranging of the pastime will bring its own rewards.

Date №1: grab the girl’s attention

It is highly recommended to arrange the meeting during the daytime. Your main purpose is to make the girl interested in communicating with you. It means you must avoid any topics that are related to sex. Remember, you are a gentleman and must behave correspondingly. Do your best and encourage the girl to speak more. Choose any of three common topics for communication: 

  1. Compliments
  2. Memories from childhood
  3. Stories from traveling

Do not overdo! The optimal duration of the first date is 30-40 minutes. It is enough to drink a cup of coffee or tea and get a general impression of the interlocutor. Afterward, you should pretend to be busy with lots of affairs and finish the meeting. This way, you will keep the girl interested, show your best qualities, and still won’t completely open your individuality.

Date № 2: get closer

If you have arranged the first date properly, then you probably have an agreement for the second one. The best way to continue implementing your strategy is to meet at some romantic restaurant in the evening. There you will have the opportunity to talk by candlelight and get closer. A cozy, relaxing atmosphere will let you chat and learn each other better. Avoid any pauses in the conversation, and change the topic when you feel like you are done with the previous one. Be brave enough and start touching her. Let it be her fingers first, and then decrease the distance step by step.  It is important to watch her reaction and make her feel comfortable, relaxed, and pleased. Recall all those romantic moments from popular soap operas and try to repeat them.

Once you see that you have managed to set the desired atmosphere, then carefully skip to more intimate topics. Accurately show that you are interested in the girl not like a friend. Be a gentleman, and avoid being harsh to the interlocutor. Pay her compliments, allowing the woman to feel that she is special. Do not forget about the alcohol. It will make the girl breezier. The recommended duration of the second date is 1.5-2 hours.  You need to finish it with a kiss. In case you do not do this, the next date will be the second again.

Date № 3: receive the award

At last, the third date comes. It is high time to get your prize. The place should be prepared in advance. But it doesn’t mean that you must invite the girl there at once. Start with chatting and visiting some cozy place to set the appropriate mood. You have already kissed the beauty on the second date, so it wouldn’t be a great challenge to repeat it again, adding hot hugs and tender touches.

After pleasant communication and a tasty dinner, you are ready to move further. This moment requires being very careful and not using common phrases like: “let’s go to my place” or something like this. Instead, let your imagination work out some better ideas, for instance:

  1. “I need to come back home for a while to feed my fish.”
  2. “I must send an urgent email to my boss.”
  3. “I forgot to switch off my kettle.”

Once you are at your place, act like a gentleman. Do not try to jump on the girl at once. First, do what you have talked about (feed fish, send an email, or whatever you promised).  It is a bad idea to ask permission to kiss the lady. You are the man and you should feel confident. Even if the girl is almost naked and keeps saying that she is not ready, go on gently.  Try different ways to seduce her and get what you want. It is well-known that most women do not mean refusal when they say “no”. It is some sort of game and you need to take the leading part in it.


You can chat with a girl for weeks or months and eventually do not get what you have been dreaming about when you saw her for the first time. A tactic of three dates will help you save time and have a strict plan to follow after meeting on a dating website. Remember that practice makes perfect, and do not wait for the better moment to invite the girl on the first date right now!

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