How to Overcome Rejection from the Girl?

Even after learning a self-instruction manual on the acquaintance and seduction of women, there are no guarantees that you will be successful with every lady. Rejection is an ordinary thing that most men face earlier or later. Still, not everyone knows how to deal with it, and what to do to save self-esteem. Rejection has already ruined the dating lives of a lot of males. But there is a way out. You can find out how to overcome rejection from the girl, and stop fearing it. As a result, you will need less time to get back to normal and move on, waiting for the next lady who will spark your interest.

Tips to Handle the Girl’s Rejection

Everybody knows how rejection feels. It is surely not the most pleasant thing that a person has to go through. However, knowing how to cope with rejection in a relationship, will let you make this experience less hurtful. So, consider the following tips to handle the girl’s rejection and go on looking for a more suitable candidate on a dating site.

1. Respect girl’s decision and yourself

Imagine that you have just rejected a girl and she keeps asking you out. What are your first thoughts? Perhaps you will wonder why she has not heard your first message. Agree, it makes you feel discomfort, pressure, and irritation. You need to respect the girl’s decision and move further. Do not forget to respect yourself as well. The main principle of pickup and dating is to care about your self-estimate under any circumstances.

2. Don’t take it personally

Tastes differ. For instance, some people like sushi while others feel sick when seeing at least a picture of a popular dish. The same is for people. If one girl doesn’t find you to be a suitable candidate for her, it doesn’t mean that another girl will feel the same. There is no doubt that there is always somebody who will like you. Hence, you should not take a refusal personally. Saying “I am a loser” or “ I suck” has never helped anyone. Instead, you should focus on future plans and keep positive. After all, you are not obliged to appeal to everybody. The most important thing is to mind your own value.

3. Do things that you like

Life doesn’t stop after the girl’s refusal. There are plenty of things that you can do to distract yourself from unpleasant experiences. Recall your hobbies, or try something new that you have been dreaming about for some time. By involving in different activities, you will quickly get back to normal as positive emotions always win.

4. Speak to your friends

Instead of thinking about the rejection all day long, try to discuss it with your mates. Mind that you are not alone who might deal with the refusal, so some of your comrades will surely hope you cope with the situation by finding the right words. After sharing all your thoughts, you will be able to breathe with relief at last.

5. Move on

Sooner or later, you will understand that it’s high time to move on. Still, do not make a common mistake, trying to find a new girl as soon as possible. Enjoy the freedom, communicate with different people, do what makes you happy, and soon you will come across a lady who perfectly suits you. Take some effective pickup lessons to back your confidence and learn new strategies.

Is There a Chance if the Girl Rejects You?

There is always a chance to return the girl as anything may happen. For instance, her friends may tell you something not very pleasant about you. Or, she may suspect that you are chatting with another woman while being in a relationship with her. If you really like the lady and want to be with her, then it is reasonable to find out why she decided to stop your communication. Later, you can decide whether you can back her or it is better to move on separately.


Look at the most common questions that many guys are interested in:

1.   How to handle face to face rejection?

Keep calm and do not show your disappointment. Say that you understand that such things happen as nobody is obliged to like another person. If your feelings are serious and you do not want to lose the woman, try to stay friends.

2.   How to act when the woman rejects you over text?

If you get the rejection via message, act the same as has been mentioned above. Add that you would like to keep communicating as friends if she doesn’t mind.

3.   Should you stay friends with the girl?

It depends on what you both want. Some guys take it as another chance to get closer and finally reach the primary purpose. Most of them succeed in the long run. Anyway, you should demonstrate indifference in terms of building relationships and the girl will be more likely to reach you on her own.

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