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Pickup: Find out How to Get Any Woman You Want

Pickup is nothing new as it has existed since the times of poet Ovid, who shared some knowledge regarding how to seduce a woman in “The Science of Love”. A variety of modern training for men where they learn how to behave in front of a woman, what to say, and how to please her, help many guys build relationships. Even though pickup artist techniques may be associated with a way to manipulate, they are a useful tool for men who are not self-confident but desperately desire love and female attention.  

What is The Pickup Artist Method?  

The pickup is a set of psychological methods thanks to which almost any woman falls in love with a man. It’s a useful tool for starting relationships, but it is not a magic wand to last these relationships long enough. Explore the most common pickup tricks below. 

Anchor method

This method, based on pseudoscientific neurolinguistic programming, provokes the desired behavior of a woman. For example, when a girl is in a good mood, you can touch a certain part of her body but at the same time, distract her from the tactile contact saying something. So this is how you can make her happy touching again next time. Also, certain phrases can be used with specific intonation as an anchoring tool. 

Negging method

In this case, you use sort of insults that are mixed with a compliment. For example: “It’s great that you’re not embarrassed to wear such an open blouse with a neckline.” Man’s goal is to be remembered and break through the ice. It’s quite widespread that beauties get used to receiving the same compliments. If you use negging, it will confuse her and will automatically set her up to prove you wrong. However, such a method can be harmful and break someone’s self-esteem. 

Distance method

This is a common technique of emotional swing when you have a game at a distance. For example, you dedicate her time to please the girl in every possible way and then you step away. This makes the woman think about you all the time. After a while, you return to start the new cycle of distance games. You will be the one who brings her happiness after days spent in ignorance. 

Cold attitude method

When a man doesn’t receive the desired reply or behavior from a girl, then acting cold is one of the tricks to use. Usually, the most common reaction is that the woman feels she has done something wrong and will try to fix the situation in your favor. In this situation is important not to abuse the girl’s intentions since you have to understand that no matter what she’s going to do for you will be not because she definitely wants it. 

pick up artist

Are Pick-Up Artists Still Around?

There are enough men who struggle to attract a woman, who have a need to use some tricks like pick-up techniques, and cute pick up lines. They have existed at all times and they definitely will be. The collection of literature is only growing, replenished with new advice depending on the circumstances that arise in step with the times. Before you can master certain tricks and hone your skills, you need to work on yourself, and here’s where to start. 

  • Take the lead. Girls like confident men who are not afraid to challenge society and attract attention. You may not be a handsome man or the richest, but a confident man is seen from afar, and this will make you attractive.
  • Work on your style. Girls pay attention to how you look. Make sure that you have an attractive appearance and that your clothes reflect your inner world in the best possible way. Statistics show that women pay special attention to men’s shoe choices. 
  • Work on your smile. Numerous experiments have shown that in 80% of cases, women give a positive response when meeting a man who smiles. This evokes nice emotions and encourages communication. 
  • Develop a sense of humor. You can carefully plan to meet a girl and have a couple of jokes prepared, but if you have no sense of humor, this can be a problem. After all, it’s difficult to predict where the conversation will go, but you need to joke accordingly. 

Without these tricks, pickup methods may not be as effective overall. Knowing what girls like is also one of the strategies for pickup skills, based on which the mechanisms of influence are selected. 

What Do You Say to Pick up a Woman?

It’s a proven fact that women like to hear certain sorts of things and many men use this to win their hearts. The art of speaking is just as important and it’s worth learning because speech must be literate and it’s also worth working on the timbre of your voice. Particularly attractive to many women is the deeply low, soulful timbre of the voice. Try to experiment with pick up lines for flirting: funny, provocative, and non-standard to see the women’s reaction. Here is a small selection of them. 

  • What’s your name? Or I can call you my queen? 
  • Have we met before? Because I definitely saw you in my dream this night. 
  • Can you give me a call, I think I’ve lost my phone. 
  • Would you mind treating me to a refreshing drink because you set me on fire? 
  • Lend me a couple of minutes of your attention, I want to become your debtor.
  • I was thinking why is it so dim, that’s cause all the light is in your eyes. 
  • What flowers do you like? I’ll give it to you for our next meeting. 

Girls love pleasant words and compliments in various forms. The main thing here is originality and a special approach. To better understand the pickup and learn how to use funny pick up lines, we suggest reading other related articles.

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