What is Flirting and How to Flirt with Her?

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When sympathy arises between a man and a woman, they communicate not only with words but also with the body, gestures, looks, etc. Flirting includes a manner of communication to attract attention and interest to each other. Generally, it is known to be a set of verbal (speech) and non-verbal (gestures, facial expressions) actions to express sympathy for a person. Flirting can be the beginning of a serious relationship or it may remain an innocent love game to attract attention. Flirt does not obligate you to anything but raises your spirit and self-confidence. So, before starting to demonstrate your sympathy, you are recommended to learn the answer to the question “What does flirting mean to you?”. It would help you avoid possible disappointment.  

7 Tricks on Flirting with the Girl

There is no doubt that some guys are talkative and can easily start a conversation with the girl who appeals to them, while others need a lot of practice to flirt like a pro. Despite what group you hit, there is always one level up. So, let’s learn effective tricks to grab the attention of any girl.

Eye contact

Despite what other tricks you are going to use to grab the girl’s attention, this one is very important. The main secrets of the successful flirting state that eye contact will surely make it clear that you are interested in the lady, not like in a friend. Being a vital signal of flirting, it can’t be ignored by the girl. Hence, you should have intense, confident, and frequent eye contact. Of course, later you are going to say at least a few words to initiate communication, but believe there is nothing hotter than eye contact making the girl’s heart beat faster.


When it comes to flirting, attention works on two levels. The first means that you should show the girl that you are giving value to her and are interested in chatting with her. Another level is more advanced. Here you should be attentive to women’s signals and correspond to them properly. This way you can go on using your strategy, or change it in accordance with the received reaction.  So, while communicating with the girl, you should pay attention to her behavior in order to plan your further actions.


According to a recent research, girls like intelligent men as such a trait helps to generate capacity. They adore the guys who are smart and successful in one or a few areas. You can take the advantage of your achievements and demonstrate expertise in a definite field. Still, be careful and do not cross the line between being smart and being a braggart.

Open body language

Once you get good eye contact, demonstrate your attention and intelligence, it is high time to get her in with open body language. Mind three crucial components of body language: feet, shoulders, and arms. When you flirt, your feet should be positioned in the girl’s direction, shoulders should be facing her while the arms remain to be uncrossed. It doesn’t mean that you should stand still like a student on the blackboard. Instead, you need to avoid awkward positions of these body parts. Once you notice that the situation is getting tense, you should open your body language to demonstrate your readiness to chat.


Girls prefer spending their time with the guys who let them feel good. Making nice and funny jokes demonstrates your flexible mind, and helps you better reveal your personality. Do not try to tease the girl as in most cases, you risk getting the same response and find yourself on the same page as she is. As a result, you are not going to have any romantic story.  


While most guys might feel nervous when they think about touching the girl, it is an essential part of flirting. The line between showing your interest and making her think that you are crazy, is very wispy. Therefore, you should completely understand how to act.  If you are ready to get closer, then a girl’s arm is the best target to start with. The shoulder is quite a safe part, but maybe even too safe. So you should risk a little bit not to get into a friend zone. Finally, keep one thing in your mind – no grabbing is permitted.


Let’s imagine that you are resting in the pub and see a beautiful girl. In a moment, you had intense eye contact. In a few minutes, you can suddenly appear next to her. It will make it clear that you are really interested in communication, and want to get closer.

Final Remarks

Flirting is an exciting experience despite what it finishes with. Consider the following tricks to make things easier and more pleasant for both of you. Learn flirting phrases, find nice jokes, and get ready to melt the girl’s heart quickly. You can also register on a dating website if you are too shy to try tricks in real life, and start your way to a pickup master there. Later, you will become more confident, and be able to catch the woman’s signals at once.

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