What Does Flirting Mean to You?

Flirting is a way to show your interest in another person. Even though flirting seems to be simple, it is not actually. Some people are talkative and flirting by their nature. It means they are always polite, easy-going, and nice. All people understand it in their own way, hence the rules vary from a person to person. What does flirting mean to you? If you have not answered this question yet, then it is high time to clarify it.

Types of Flirting

To understand what flirting means to you, it is necessary to stop and analyze every flirting experience that you have had. Just similar to differences in your way to communicate with friends, doctors, co-workers, there are differences in flirting. Its type depends on who you are, who you talk with, and what you aim to achieve.

Here are a few styles of flirting:


Generally, it is a formal style of flirting that is applied to straight/hetero couples. In most cases, men use it to invite the woman to dinner, present her flowers, etc. People like this flirting style, as it helps quickly understand the intention of another person.


This style is focused on compliments. While complimenting another person, you start feeling more confident and at the same time boost the confidence of another person. While casual flirting may seem to be simple, not everybody is good at giving compliments. Hence, you can look at a few important notes about the compliments:

  • An appropriate compliment means that you should take into consideration the place you are in and the people around you. Not everybody would like to get a compliment in front of a boss or a teacher.
  • A sincere compliment means that you really think this way in terms of a definite woman. You do not wait for anything in return, and you’re just enjoying the moment.
  • A considerate compliment involves considering the relationship that is between you. Some people can’t stand receiving compliments from strangers, especially if they are related to physical appearance, sex, etc.
  • A genuine compliment is for a person who you are saying it for. If the girl feels comfortable and pleased, then it is the best prize for you in case you care.


It means being attentive and polite to other people while using nice words and offering assistance in every possible way. Some people feel comfortable while acting this way, others say it is not natural for them.


Flirting can be a lot of fun if you receive some sort of energy while communicating this way. However, it is not so for people who find flirting exhausting or experience challenges in recognizing whether it is serious or not.


This way people are about going from emotional connection to a physical one. It is highly recommended to ask the opinion of another person as everybody takes definite things in another way. It means that some women are ready to kiss just to kiss, while others expect to get something more in the long run.

Why Do People Flirt?

You should remember that people flirt for some reason. They may use any of the above-mentioned styles to start a serious relationship, have fun, aim to boost their self-esteem or receive any other privilege (free entrance to the cinema, etc.). Despite what is the reason for you to flirt, it is extremely important to realize it and remain honest with yourself. Some people find it difficult to determine whether the flirt is playful or classic, while others use flirting to get somebody in the relationship. Here you should identify what works exactly for you.

Final Thoughts

All in all, flirting is a way for people to communicate in case they are romantically or sexually attracted to each other. Both men and women aim to stand out in the crowd and demonstrate that they like to spend time together. If you want to succeed in communication with a lady, you need to discover the main secrets of successful flirting, and clearly understand what flirting means to you. Do not go too far before you state your goal and realize what for you are flirting with a definite woman. And last but not least, if your compliments made the woman sad or uncomfortable, it means that you need to work on your flirting skills and learn a few good phrases.

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  3. I like flirting. For me, it is the best way to rest and have fun. Unfortunately, not all women take things correctly, hence, guys be careful with compliments!

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