Ingenious Messages from the Masters of Internet Flirting

Internet Flirting

While for some men flirting is a kind of fun and a great way to boost self-esteem, others feel shy and do not know what to start with. Things are getting harder when it comes to online flirting surely. If you also feel nervous and have no idea how to appeal to a woman, then learn the main secrets of successful flirting right now. Soon, you will understand that the first message that you send is decisive for the overall flirting experience. If you do not want to waste the chance to get the woman interested in communication with you, then consider ingenious messages from the masters of internet flirting.

How to Appeal to a Girl with a Message?

Some guys prefer liking photos or sending winks instead of writing a message to the girl who they like. While the reasons for such a decision may be different, one thing is clear for sure, your chances to succeed are very low. With so many interesting guys, you should do your best to stand out in the crowd. A message provides you with such an opportunity. Here are a few tips to create a perfect text:

Call the girl by the name

It may sound too obvious, but not every person applies this simple and so common technique. Texting is recognized as quite a cold way of communication. Hence, it is recommended to add something to make your message warmer. Calling the girl by name is just such an option.

Consider emoji

Most people like those funny faces because they render certain emotions and make the messages livelier. You are recommended to include emoji in the text, as they diminish the distance between two people. They will also help you express your feelings when it is difficult to find suitable words.

Avoid being desperate or obvious

Girls definitely like attention but there is hardly someone who would like to receive dozens of messages per hour. You should not be annoying and choose the phrases attentively. Do not make her think that you have nothing to do besides texting. Check the message to ensure that you do not sound desperate, like Hey dear, why are you keeping silent, etc.

Leave some mystery

Do not put all your cards on the table. It doesn’t mean that you should include some false information to your message, just leave some mystery to get her interested in keeping up chatting. It may be some unfinished phrase or experience with an unexpected end that she would like to learn in the long run.

Compliment her

All women like compliments so you can feel free to add a few ones to your message. Still, avoid sounding basic. Study the girl’s profile carefully, and come up with some unique phrases/words that will impress her.

Add the pictures

Adding a few nice or funny pictures would be a great idea to make your message even more interesting. But be careful and do not share any too personal photos, especially if the girl doesn’t ask. Otherwise, you risk losing her attention.

Make her laugh

Most ladies appreciate a good sense of humor. Once you succeed in making her laugh, you are closer to your purpose. It would be great to tell funny stories from your own life, so that the woman may feel closer to you.

Add some dirty thoughts without sounding dirty

Every woman is eager to be physically attractive to men. You will not meet the girl who wants to stay just a friend and not provoke dirty thoughts. That’s why, you need to include available thoughts but do it properly, without risking finding yourself on a blacklist.

Check the grammar

It is especially important if you are writing a message in a foreign language. Consult a dictionary if you have some hesitations and do not try to express the realities of your language in another one.

Enjoy yourself

Do not forget to enjoy the flirting. Be who you are, have fun, be spontaneous, and do not worry about the next day. It is great to stop the moment and feel it to the fullest. Do not try to be serious, and if you understand that the conversation is pointless, then hurry to finish it.

Examples of Ingenious Messages

Following the mentioned tips will surely help you create astonishing messages that will grab the girl’s attention with the first line. However, it would be even better to look at the great examples of ingenious messages from the masters of internet flirting. Here are some of them:

    •        Allow me to introduce myself: your future husband.
    •         Do you have any shortcomings?
    •         I am ready to cross all oceans and seas just to see your beautiful smile.
    •         I am sure that the most attractive girl in the world is reading this message now.
    •         Describe yourself!


Practice makes perfect and it works for messaging as well. Even if your first messages are not great, soon, you will master this art. Do not stop communicating with different girls, and in the long run, you will understand what works worse or better. Keep positive and confident despite whether you managed to interest a particular girl or not. There is always somebody who is waiting for your message on the dating site right now!

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