9 Signs That Somebody is Flirting with You

Are you looking for love to start a serious commitment? Or, you just want to avoid awkward situations? Despite what goal you have, it is crucial to be aware of signs that somebody is flirting with you. Keep reading and discover signs of a flirt, not just friendly behavior.

1.      Changes in Appearance

When you notice that the person’s face gets flushed and the tonal voice changes, it may be a signal that your interlocutor feels excited about you. These signs of flirt are common, and everybody knows them. Still, we often forget about such ordinary things. They happen due to excitement and adrenaline.

2.      Long Eye Contact

A person’s gaze can say a lot. If you notice long eye contact from your interlocutor, it means somebody is flirting with you. According to recent researches, eye contact for a prolonged period shows a desire to demonstrate affection or feelings to another individual. Even if your interlocutor looks at you a lot, he/she may unconsciously indicate that you are attractive and interesting.

3.      Play With the Clothes

Researches had a few studies which prove that playing with a button or a sleeve may be one of the flirting signs from women or men. People who act like this are more likely to have a romantic interest in their interlocutor. Mind that there are better options to demonstrate your interest. Just discover significant do’s and don’ts of flirting, and act wisely.

4.      Touches while Talking

In addition to prolonged eye contact, a person may start touching you during the conversation. Usually, these are hands or feet if you are sitting close to each other. Touching on these areas sends signals to a person’s brain about serious romantic attraction.

5.      Open Body Language

You can easily understand the intentions of the other person by checking the body language. If your interlocutor has feet angled away like he/she is going to exit, then it is not one of the signs a male coworker is flirting with you. The things are opposite if the individual is facing you, and has feet placed in your direction.  If the overall body language is relaxed and open, then the intentions are obvious.

6.      Short Distance

When a person likes you, he/she tries to get closer. Hence, a short distance is one of the top 10 male body language flirting signs.  Simply put, when you have a romantic intention, you are eager to want to be near a certain person. It shows that the interlocutor is ready to flirt and decrease both physical and mental distance. Of course, in some situations, it is impossible to stay far away. But when there is a chance to be closer, and the person takes it, then this may be one of the signs of a flirt.

7.      Awkward Compliments

Even though the main secrets of successful flirting say that there are plenty of other ways to show your affection, many people still pick awkward compliments. This way, they want to see how another person reacts and how responds. Still, it is important to feel the line between light teasing and making the person feel uncomfortable. If your interlocutor always crosses this line, then he/she is not worth your time.  Choose people who know how to flirt properly and compliment in a good manner. So, what is flirtatious behavior? The behavior that allows you to feel attractive and confident.

8.      Quick Reaction to Social Media Posts

Today online flirting is widespread worldwide. You can easily understand whether the person is interested in you more than just as a friend. What are some examples of flirting? The person is the first who likes and comments on your posts and stories. He/she never misses your news and checks your publications constantly. Of course, such activeness may be an indication of friendliness, hence you should be more attentive to the style of a person’s reactions to your social media posts.

9.      Constant Plans

When a person likes you, he/she always comes with different proposals. Such an individual constantly makes plans instead of waiting until you will be ready to go somewhere. If the person suggests you something at the last minute, there are no doubts that such you mean nothing at all. When a potential partner is open to meeting you at any time of the day and night, takes your preferences and plans into consideration, then it means you are special for him/her.

Is flirting a sign of attraction?
flirting signs from women

Is Flirting a Sign of Attraction?

The best way to learn whether the person likes you is to talk directly. However, there are plenty of clues that may help you find out the answer. Knowing the signs of a flirt, you can decide on the communication strategy and build the relationship that you want. At the same time, it is important not to speed up things. Mind that some people are flirty by their nature and that it is their style of communication. Choose people who have the same level of affection for you. Otherwise, you risk becoming just a toy in the skillful hands of an experienced pickup master or a seductive woman.

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