Discover How to Break up With a Girl Over Text

When you meet the girl and fall in love with her, you think it will go on forever. You choose what to dress on the first date, how to compliment her, and where to go next summer together. Unfortunately, it happens that something goes wrong and you understand that it is better to finish the relationship. In case you have no idea how and what to say to break up with a girl, you can pick up a few efficient recommendations from experts and simplify everything.

Break up Text

How to Create and Send a Break up Text?

If you do not want to see the girl’s reaction when you talk about finishing the relationship, then do it via message. Take your phone and create a good text. It is the first time you are going to break up via text? Perhaps, you feel confused. Then keep an eye on these recommendations and do what you want with ease.

1. Pick up a suitable time

Do you have any hesitations and you are completely sure about your decision? Then do it at an appropriate time. Perhaps the girl will not feel very happy about your decision, and finally, she will get upset. Hence, you should write at a time when she is not very busy with other stuff. Simply put, experts do not recommend sending a message when the girl is at work or university. If you have no idea what time is suitable, you may ask her when she is ready for having a serious relationship.

2. Make it private

There is no need to discuss your decision with your friends or family. Make it private both in terms of the text and the reason. You can start with the compliment and do everything as playful as it is possible. Breakups are always painful, so at least you can do everything privately, and do not let anybody else interfere.

3. Be formal

Discussing things over text, you risk confusing the girl. It’s because you can’t change the tone or add some gestures. That’s why you shouldn’t mention any phrases or words which she may understand in the wrong way. Be direct and tell what you want at once. Even if you read tons of books on how to gently break up with a girl, it will be difficult. Hence, take the responsibility and spell it out.

4. Be honest and kind

You may end up your relationship with remaining friends. If you care about the girl and her feelings, then try to choose kind words and be honest. You can mention a reason or say something common like “I do not feel we are compatible”. All in all, you should avoid harsh words and try to cheer up her in some way.

5. Put yourself in the first place

You can find a lot of information on how do you break up with a girl that loves you. Still, you should put yourself in the first place. It means that you need to follow your heart. Once you decide to break with the girl who lives with you, do it at once. What sense is to keep a relationship that you are not happy about.  Do not let the girl persuade you to try to make everything work out. It is better to offer to be friends, and do not waste time anymore.

What is a Good Breakup Text?

Do you still feel nervous about the necessity to talk about breaking up? Then look at how to break up with a girl over text examples, and act confidently.

  • I do not feel happy in this relationship anymore. I want neither of us to waste time, so it is better to separate right now. I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for so many nice moments that we had together.
  • I do not want to wait any longer. It is quite difficult to say things like this, but my feelings have changed. Let’s finish our story positively.  I am breaking up with you.
  • I see that you are ready to get married, live together, and bring up children. But it is not what I want right at the moment. Thanks for being with me for all this time, but it is the end.
  • Hi, there. I must say that I have no time to focus on this relationship now. Thank you for being so attentive and caring. Sorry, but I want to be solo.
  • Hello. I must confess that I do not feel any spark between us anymore. Let it end right now. I am sure, you will meet somebody special soon.

Is it OK to Break up Over Text?

Most people will answer that “No”. Breaking up with a girl after sex via text seems to be impersonal and disrespectful. But if you feel to be at risk, understand that it is mutual, or you simply can’t break up in person, then a well-prepared message is quite a good option to use. All in all, Only you can decide whether it is the best way to break up with a girl over text. If your decision is final, and you do not want to get into details, then create a message. This way, you will explain the situation briefly and will be able to move further. Anyway, experts recommend breaking up positively. Mind it while messaging the girl and telling her about your decision.

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