How to Dress on The First Date to Feel Confident?

It doesn’t matter whether you got acquainted with the woman on an online dating platform or in a popular local café, then earlier or later, you will be about setting for the first date. There are many things that you should keep in your mind. But your appearance is, perhaps, the most significant factor that will impact the first impression. That’s why you need to know the answers to a couple of basic questions like “What is the best color to wear on a first date?”, or “Is it OK to wear jeans on a first date?”. But let’s not speed up things and discuss all this stuff step by step.

What to Wear on the First Date:  Experts Know

When you meet a special woman, you start recalling all the pickup lessons you might have heard about before. But before you start practicing all the flirting phrases that you know, it’s crucial to decide how to dress on the first date to attract the woman at once. Let’s face the truth to seduce the girl without saying a word is really possible. Your appearance and especially chosen outfit are crucial. While many guys are wondering “what is spider man’s best suit”, girls already have some expectations. Hence, you need to consider a few tips from experts that know how to help you look well and feel confident.

Of course, the outfit which you choose depends a lot on the place and time of the date. If you arrange a meeting with your chosen one during the daytime, then clothes should be casual. The date in the evening means that you should choose something more official. Of course, you should wear clothes that allow you to feel more comfortable. But, it doesn’t mean that you should put on a tracksuit to the restaurant or shorts to the theater. What should you not wear on a first date? You should avoid inappropriate clothes for a definite place, or outfits that make you look strange. All in all, you should keep in mind three things: comfort, place, and time. Remembering them, you will surely find something appropriate to set the right impression on the girl.  Also, you can pickup any of three popular outfit ideas for the first date and breathe with relief.

Top 3 Outfit Ideas for the First Date

Do you want to seduce a girl in 3 dates? These outfit ideas will help you look nice and confident:

  1. Button up shirt with jeans

If you are going to have a casual date during the daytime in a local park, café, or something like that, then this common idea for the first date outlook, is what you need. By choosing it, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. If it is too hot outside, then you need to prefer a polo. Stylish sneakers will complement your look well.

2. Sweater and trousers

This outfit will be suitable both for daytime and evening date. Choose the colors that match you well. The trousers style also varies and depends on your body type. Try different models and make the final decision.

3. Classic suit

If you plan to meet with the woman in a restaurant or any other formal place at night, you should avoid experiments and choose a classic suit. There is no doubt that the girl will like your look for sure. Go shopping if you have no man’s suit as this is a must-do thing in every male wardrobe. If you have some doubts about shoes, then let’s clear everything at once. Do shoes have to match a man’s suit? Navy blue and light gray suits go with any color of shoes. A black suit goes in pair only with black shoes.


When you start to look for tips for a man on the first date wardrobe, you see that most recommendations focus on “What should a woman wear on a first date?”. That’s why our experts have tried to give you effective instruction that will help you succeed in the long run. Mind that according to Statista, 52% of people do not like when the interlocutors use the misleading photo in the profile. That’s why you need to choose an outfit that makes you look similar to your dating profile. Otherwise, the girl may feel disappointed from the first minutes of your meeting. If you have no appropriate suit, then you need to look at how to measure a man’s chest for a suit jacket and purchase the one that will fit you well. Finally, do not underestimate your outfit on the first date as, besides skills that every man must have, he should look well too.

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  1. Guys who say that appearance and clothes are not important on a date, trust me, a mature man, this is important for girls! First of all, they pay attention to accuracy and cleanliness. The article is well written, and I agree that you should choose an outfit based on the circumstances under which you will meet a girl. And yes, men are just as worried and want to please, no less than girls!

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