My Girlfriend Flirts with Guys on Instagram: What to Do

Despite whether you notice online flirting or offline chatting of your girl, you will probably feel not well. First, you find a perfect woman, and you have a good time together. It seems that this will last forever. But, over time, either of you may feel cold. This is when the person starts to flirt with other people intentionally or not intentionally. You can find a lot of responses on the request my girlfriend is flirty with other guys Reddit. Hence, you are not alone. But why do the girls start to flirt on Instagram and can flirting be considered cheating? Let’s find it out.

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How to flirt on Instagram 
How to flirt with a girl on Instagram

My Girlfriend is Interested in Other Guys: Reasons

Of course, your girl maybe just talkative. Still, when you see how she is chatting with other guys on Instagram, plenty of questions will appear in your mind. You can’t stop thinking on my girlfriend flirts with other guys over text. Why does she do it? Here are a few common reasons:

  • She wants to control you. This is a traditional controlling strategy of many girls. She wants to make you think that you can lose her. The girl just wants you to evaluate her more by acting like this. This is when my girlfriend tells me when guys flirt with her option works as well.
  • She doesn’t respect you.  Imagine that you come to a party and she leaves you at once to chat with another man. It means that she doesn’t care that you are also there. If it happens once, then you can discuss everything. But if no conversations help, then you should put the end to it.
  • She is not into you. The girl maynot be serious about your relationship. Sometimes women need a backup boy until she meets somebody special. It is not very pleasant actually, and you should figure it out. All in all, if you can say that my girlfriend talks to other guys more than me, then you should act quickly.
  • It’s only in your head. Sometimes we complicate everything by ourselves. Maybe your partner feels more comfortable in the company of guys rather than other girls. But you take things oppositely. Every guy is a potential lover, yes? But you should remind yourself that nowadays, flirting is good even for marriage in some cases.

What Do You Do When a Girl Flirts with a Guy?

If one day you realize that she flirts with every guy on Instagram, then you need to decide what to do. First of all, try to overcome your insecurity, as it may shift to obsession one day. Also, mind these effective steps to cope with the situation.

1.      Accept your feelings

You should realize and accept your feelings. Do not try to cover your jealousy as it is quite normal to feel like that from time to time.  Once you cope with your emotions and can talk about your feeling directly, you have more chances to get a positive result.

2.      Talk to her

After accepting your feelings, you can move on. The next step is to talk to your girlfriend. Tell her that you need to discuss some important issue. This way, you will decrease the chances of catching her by surprise. You need to select a suitable time to avoid possible distractions. Despite whether she flirts with other guys to make me jealous or any other reason exists, you should keep positive and avoid arguing.

3.      Discuss possible solutions

Once you mention the problem, you need to work out some good solutions. Avoid blaming your girlfriend, and mind the tone.  Practice a well-known “I” conversation. Simply put, you need to discuss things like “It hurts me to see how you are flirting with other men”. Give her time to speak as well. This way, you will arrange effective communication and get a positive outcome. Listen to each other attentively, and respond to every statement or question.

4.      Try to balance your life

It happens that a person is into the relationship so much that he/she doesn’t have own space. When two people do everything together, then they risk ruining the relationship. Everyone needs some freedom. Hence, you should remember about your hobbies and friends, and give your girlfriend a chance to start missing you. As a result, she will focus more on you rather than prefer escaping to chat with other guys.

5.      Don’t stop believing in your relationship

All couples have difficult moments from time to time. But it doesn’t mean that you should refuse your partner and break up. First, try to perform all mentioned above steps. Do not attack the girlfriend, listen to her, and do everything possible to cope with current problems. At last, you will know for sure that you did what depended on you.


As you can see, there are a few reasons why your girlfriend may flirt with other guys on Instagram. If you notice her talking with another man and you do not like it, then attempt to discuss things. If she cares about your feelings and she is really into you, then you can work out some solution for sure. If not, then you can always break up with the girl and find a more compatible partner.

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  1. It can be really tough to deal with the feeling of your girlfriend being interested in other guys. It’s natural to feel jealous and insecure, but it’s important to remember that there can be different reasons for this behavior. It could be a controlling strategy, a lack of respect, a lack of interest in the relationship, or it could be all in your head.

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