Best Running Socks For Men: How to Get Your Perfect Pair

Why is it important to choose the best organic running socks for men? The function of running socks is to improve blood flow in the veins during workouts, it could be any kind of sport. Due to their influence, the diameter of the veins decreases, and the work of the venous valves is restored. Blood circulates better through the veins and is better oxygenated. Thus, toxins are eliminated from the body faster, and the number of energy increases. For an athlete, the correct functioning of the circulatory system is important, because this increases the endurance and performance of the whole organism.

Running socks have additional benefits. They create a “frame” for the leg and support the calf muscles. As a result, muscle fluctuations and the risk of injury are reduced. In compression socks, spasms, cramps, and swelling are less likely to occur. They are not hot, they do not slip and do not curl. For more comfort, choose seamless products that prevent chafing of the skin. If you want to know everything about running socks and how to choose the right ones, read our article.

What Are The Benefits of Running Socks?

There are several reasons why it is important to wear running socks. We will talk about them further.

1. Moisture wicking

This is perhaps the most important function of all sportswear for any type of workout, even if it is not running. The sock first absorbs moisture from the foot, and then quickly evaporates it out. This is due to the materials used. Polypropylene is considered the most advanced in this area. It absorbs moisture like a sponge and dries instantly. The more natural fibers are mixed in the composition, the worse the moisture removal will be.

2. Wear resistance

Specialized socks for sports are quite wear-resistant. To improve these properties, Kevlar threads are woven into the main composition, which greatly increases wear, but also significantly increases the cost. Socks made from synthetics will be more wearable than socks made from natural fabrics.

3. Bacteria protection

This technology allows it to kill bacteria and fight unpleasant odors. This effect is achieved through the use of silver threads, as well as the processing of materials with a special composition of silver ions, iodine, and aloe. Of course, the latter is washed off after several washes, but, as a rule, manufacturers indicate the number of washes after which this technology will stop working.

4. Anatomical curve

Almost all socks for sports are anatomically divided into left and right, as evidenced by the inscriptions in the little finger area on each sock, L (left) and R (right). Since the left and right legs have different curves, the socks initially have this feature. It allows the socks to fit snugly against the foot without creating unnecessary wrinkles, and also not pulling the foot.

5. Compression properties

For tighter fixation of muscles and ligaments, sports and comfort class socks have compression properties. They tightly fit the foot, while not creating problems with blood circulation. This avoids minor injuries and sprains.

 Best Running Socks for Men and Women

How to Choose Running Socks?

When choosing socks for running, consider several important factors:

  • The size. When selecting the size of compression socks, be prepared to measure the circumference of the widest part of the calf and other parts of the leg, by the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Appointment. The running socks for a marathon on asphalt and a trail run are not the same thing. If thin short ones are suitable for an asphalt marathon, then it is better to take medium or high ones for the trail. You also need to decide on compression. It makes sense to wear compression socks for competitions and some training. Do not wear compression all the time unless advised by a doctor.
  • Seasonality. For summer, choose thin, cropped socks made of synthetic materials. For running in winter – dense, elongated from synthetics and wool. Demi-season ones are thinner than winter ones and can also contain wool. The division into seasons is conditional, manufacturers rarely declare exact temperature ranges. Someone runs in autumn, winter and spring in the same socks, someone has a proven model for every season.
  • According to the trainers. In some cases, the combination of sneakers with socks can affect comfort and calluses. To make everything perfect, it is advisable to remember which socks and sneakers you are comfortable in. At distances, conditionally, up to 10 km, the difference may not be felt. But if you wear socks and running shoes to a marathon in which you did not run long crosses, problems can arise. Always test your socks with the shoes you use in the competition.

What Should Be Running Socks?

What are the best running socks for men? It is important to know some criterias regarding the choice of running socks:

  • During increased physical activity, especially during the hot season, the feet must remain dry. Not only comfort when running depends on this but also the health of the feet. Quality socks designed by leading sportswear manufacturers create membrane coatings.
  • Thanks to this, the moisture that enters from the outside (in the rain or if you step into a puddle) does not pass to the feet, but the sweat that is released quickly comes out. At the same time, socks dry on the leg in just a couple of minutes. Fast drying prevents feet from blisters, chafing, and discomfort and allows you to play sports with pleasure.
  • Not only the material from which the socks are made is important, but also the fit on the foot. In the presence of seams, loose fit, the formation of folds, painful abrasions occur, socks are torn, and calluses appear.
  • High-quality socks should not have noticeable seams and folds. The best natural running socks for men should fit snugly, not press anywhere, and be made of a material that is pleasant to the skin.
  • It is also necessary to select socks depending on the time of year. To avoid overheating and excessive sweating in the summer, very thin products are chosen, in the cold period, they are warmer, possibly containing wool.
  • Ankle fixation. This is the quality of high-top socks. Protects against sprains and microtraumas, while maintaining freedom of movement of all ligaments. The level of protection, of course, is not the same as that of taping, but additional comfort is provided. The main thing is to choose the right size.
best cheap running socks for men

Best Trail Running Socks For Men

When choosing the best running socks, you could pay attention to these great variants of them:

The softest winter running socks: Falke RU4 Wool

  • The amount of wool in the composition: 35%.
  • Use temperature: in sneakers with a membrane – from -5°C to -20°C, without a membrane: from 0°C to -10°C.
  • Advantages: softness and comfort.

Falke RU4 Wool is a winter version of sports socks from Germany. Of all the models in the review, this one has the most wool – 35%. Therefore, they are soft and tactilely pleasant. These are the best running socks for men prevent blisters. It is for this reason that fans of the brand love them and buy socks not only for running training, but also to wear them every day to work, put them on country trips, or for walks in the park with children or a dog.

For comfortable running and walking, a shock-absorbing insert made of thick knitwear is knitted into the foot area, and there is no compression in them. The fabric fits but does not squeeze the lower leg, and the wide and soft cuff does not pinch the blood flow.

Great support running socks: Nike Trail Wool Crew

  • The amount of wool in the composition: 27%.
  • Use temperature: in sneakers with a membrane – from -5°C to -20°C, without a membrane: from 0°C to -10°C.
  • Advantages: Support for the foot and vibrant colors.

The Nike Trail Wool Crew is an all-season trail running shoe, although, of course, you can run in the city too. The model is designed for cross-country running, so the socks are tight. But this does not affect the softness of the pair – they are pleasant and delicate to the touch. The Nike Trail Wool Crew also has great foot support. In the area of ​​​​the arch of the foot, there are inserts of knitwear of a different density and weaving, on the insole, there is a fabric that helps the foot to be securely fixed and not slip on the sneaker. On the heel, there is an additional layer of fabric and a tongue to protect the shoe from abrasion. Even during long workouts, the foot will be comfortable, and the sneakers will last longer than usual.

The best cheap running socks for men: ASICS PFM Winter

  • The amount of wool in the composition: 12%.
  • Use temperature: in sneakers with a membrane – from -5°C to -20°C, without a membrane: from 0°C to -10°C.
  • Advantages: affordable price.

The most balanced in terms of the “price/quality” model in the selection. It does not have any super technologies, but it has everything you need to run safely and comfortably in winter. Wool in the composition of knitwear, so as not to freeze, synthetic fibers – to remove moisture and dry quickly, zones of different densities of fabric so that corns do not appear on the fingers and heels after a run.

Which Sock Brands Use Reinforcement?

Most running socks, especially premium ones, have reinforcements in areas subject to the most friction and pressure: toes, Achilles tendon, ankle, and heel.

For example, in some models of X-Socks running socks, 5 similar technologies are used at once:

  • Toe Protector and ToeTip – protection of the forefoot from friction and blisters;
  • AirFlow ™ AnklePads – special pads that protect the ankle bones from impacts and chafing from the inside and outside;
  • Heel Protector – protection of the heel from pressure and friction;
  • X-Cross® Bandage – Elastic bands around the ankle keep the ankle stable and free of motion, reducing the risk of injury.

Difference Between Sports Socks and Regular Socks

There are a few key differences:

  • Such products for athletes are made mainly from synthetic materials, and there are either no natural materials, or they are in small quantities.
  • On sports socks, without fail, there is a special elastic band that does not allow the foot to slip out during intensive training.
  • The seam located near the toes is always made thin and small. This is necessary to prevent chafing of the fingers.
  • Sports socks have a clear division into right and left. The product must exactly repeat the shape of the athlete’s foot.

Summing – up: Best Running Socks for Men and Women

In order not to waste money, approach the choice of sports socks responsibly.

  • First of all, pay attention to the material.
  • It is better to give preference to combined materials, where there are both synthetics and natural fibers.
  • Also, consider the sports you play. There are sports socks for running, football, basketball and so on.
  • Ask a consultant what to choose specifically for your workouts.
  • Be sure to inspect the threads and seams: they should be thin.
  • The heel must be tight to withstand all the loads.

Remember that the main purpose of running socks is to keep your feet comfortable no matter how many miles you are about to run!

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