What Is The Real Way To Increase Your Size?—All Tips Covered

It goes without saying that every man wants to have a large penis. Starting from the size-increasing gels and ending with surgery and stretching practices — men are ready just for everything their pecker looks appealing. Based on the statistics, the average size of a penis is about 13.58 cm and the longest one is 17.61 cm. Numerous men want to conform to these standards and improve their size. So, what is the real way to increase your size? Keep reading to learn the best tips for male genitalia enhancement. Being armed with these useful tips, you will certainly be more satisfied with how your penis looks. 

Is There A Real Way To Increase Your Penis Size?—Top Techniques You Should Know About

Even though the size of the penis directly affects men’s self-worth, women actually don’t care about its size. However, numerous men can’t get rid of the desire to improve the way their penis appears during the scene. Is there any real way to increase the size of your penis without applying any extreme techniques? — Absolutely yes. With the method listed below, you will make your dick appear large in the photos, make a better impression on your girlfriend, or just feel more confident during intercourse. Scroll down to get a better insight into the matter. 

Find the best posture that will make your penis appear more virile

Numerous factors can make a penis of a man look like a scared turtle. If you experience constant stress, most likely, your friend will react to particular circumstances. Due to the limitation of blood flow in your body, your penis will appear smaller and you may expect a softer erection. The posture plays a significant role when it comes to showcasing the size.  The wrong one may result in groin strain and muscle tension. Thus, your penis might have the look that leaves much to be desired. 

In this case, a pelvic massage will certainly come in handy. You can massage yourself or ask your partner to deliver unforgettable emotions. It is necessary to perform circular movements around the genital areas to make things work better. So, if you are on the lookout for a real way to increase your penis size, a proper posture and massage may be a good solution. By the way, you can learn how to motivate yourself when depressed to get things better and make your erection more stable. The bragging point of this method is that you don’t need any additional tools to improve your size. Moreover, it might be an exciting experience full of new sensations.    

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Avoid bad habits

Bad habits, especially constant smoking, can drastically affect the size of your friend. Based on the research of Medicine University in Boston, those men who don’t smoke have a better erection and sexual experience compared to heavy smokers. Remember that a good erection depends directly on the quality of your blood flow. Nicotine in cigarettes can result in narrowed down blood vessels which prevent good blood flow. Agree, that having a better sexual experience is an excellent reason to kick up the habit. So, if you are in the search of a real way to increase your size permanently, avoiding bad habits will be the best choice. 

Make sure you have a frequent erection

Suffice it to say, your penis is like a muscle and you need to train it as frequently as possible. This is not only about a good erection, this is about your health in general. If you want to keep your friend active and in a good shape, think about regular sex or masturbation. The more your male organ works, the better performance it has, so it is a proven and real way to increase your size naturally.

Unfortunately, not all men can keep an erection regularly. It depends on numerous factors such as psychological problems, injury, psychical issues, etc. In this case, some men may have their penises 1-2 cm shorter. Moreover, their phallus appears softer and less elastic. Such devices as vacuum pumps can be a real help. However, keep in mind that it is prohibited to use them regularly since they can damage elastic tissue in the penis. Also, they always cause a temporary effect.  

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Is there any real way to increase your penis size? — Of course. Moreover, you can drastically improve your health if you keep up a healthy diet and do some sports. If you have excess weight, your dick may look smaller compared to your body. As soon as you get fit, your penis will appear larger and bolder. When it comes to the diet, try to look for nitrate-free and low-sodium prepackaged deli meats to make your arteries wider. It is better to infuse your nutrition with fruits and vegetables since they include antioxidants that tend to improve the blood flow which contributes to the better work of reproductive organs. By getting fit, you will not only enlarge the size of your dick but become more confident as a man and lover, which is beneficial for your sexual experience. 

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Try a penis pump or a cock ring 

Suffice it to say, a cock ring isn’t designed for making a penis longer. Nevertheless, it works as a limitation for the blood to leave the penis, thus making your friend harder and more productive. The main thing here is not to overdo it with a penis pump or a cock ring since these devices may result in problems with your tissues. Therefore, you will achieve the opposite effect like weakening of the erection and inability to achieve an orgasm. These devices are intended to make the blood flow to your penis, which implies providing a temporary effect. While you will certainly have an exciting experience by using a penis pump and a cock ring, there are a few chances that it is a real way to increase your size in penis. 

Deal with your hair

The real way to increase your size of cock and penis is to groom your hair. Believe it or not, it really works. Moreover, the majority of females like well-groomed men, so you will increase your success in impressing your girlfriend. By trimming your hair, you create an absolutely new perspective for your penis making it look bigger and bolder. It is not necessary to get completely bald. You can just make your hair shorter, which will give your organ a special appeal. 

Try lipofilling

Lipofilling is a popular medical technology that implies an injection of adipose tissue into the patient’s penis. This helps to increase the diameter of the organ while preserving the optimal shape, so it is worth mentioning that your member will appear bolder, but not longer. In this case, fat cells are removed by lipoaspiration from the patient’s body (usually the buttocks or abdomen). This procedure is essential in order to avoid the risk of allergic reactions, which often occur in cases of the body interaction with third-party cells. Unfortunately, this method has weak points. The injected fat cells are deprived of feeding vessels and therefore can be absorbed over time. The process can be uneven, and your organ may lose its shape over time. Suffice it to say, this is a real way to increase your size, but you should carefully weigh all the positives and negatives of this technique before initiating a process of enlargement. 

Oral sex can be an option

Is there any real way to increase the size of your dick while incorporating oral sex into your intimate life? — Absolutely, and this study proves it. The respondents say that they experience a larger and harder erection when their partners do a blowjob regularly. The point is that during the oral stimulation, you have a different level of arousal. Some men consider oral sex more exciting compared to traditional coupling. It makes them hornier which contributes to a better erection and member enlargement. So, why not spice up your sex life when it can even improve your size?    

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Hot shower may help right before the session 

If you know for sure that the session will begin, go to the shower and make it hot (within reasonable limits, of course). Make the stream harder to achieve a better effect. Heat therapy boosts blood flow to a specific area and enhances its circulation. It will make your penis bigger for a short period of time, but it will be enough to impress your partner. The other useful tip here is to have sex in a shower. Nevertheless, in this case, it is necessary to make sure that the water temperature and stream are comfortable for both partners. 

Final Word

If you are on the lookout for a real way to increase your size, it is not always necessary to undergo surgery or complex procedures. You can use the above-mentioned hacks to make your dick visually large. Regardless of the situation, if you want to showcase your main organ, you can apply the technique that works for you. The combination of several methods will deliver a more effective outcome for sure. 

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