Choose Eyeglasses that Suit You: Macho or Geek

Recently, the attitude to the eyes glasses was terrible. Most people associate them with the image of a geek. A man who had eyeswear glasses, could not attract the woman. As a result, males avoided wearing spectacles and preferred suffering from poor vision rather than put on this accessory. Luckily, the times are changing. Erudition and wittiness are on-trend now.  Just recall the phrase “Brainy is new sexy” from a popular TV series “Sherlock“. See? Everyone has heard it.  Therefore, seeing glasses are a popular request now. Nowadays, even men who have no problems with sight, want to know how to choose perfect eyeglasses.  If you want to know all the secrets of how to choose eyeglasses that suit you, then go on reading and discover efficient tips to look like a real macho.

How Do You Know What Eyeglass Suits You?

Knowing flirting phrases with a woman is really beneficial, but you can achieve more if you look confident and smart while saying them. How can I identify my face shape? You can use a special application like Glassify or measure the face width on your own. Once you do it, you can use these tips to choose eyeglasses with lenses.

Round shape

People with a wound face aim to make it look oval.  The reason seems to be quite evident. This way, they will look not plump. It is very important especially if they do not have any extra pounds. If you are the owner of a round face, then choose spectacles with wide arches, rectangular or square shapes.

Oval shape

The owners of this face shape are lucky, as most people call it a perfect one. What glasses suit my face oval? You can choose spectacles with any frame and experiment. However, our sincere recommendation is eyeglasses of rectangular shape.

Square shape

Men with such face type look brutal. People consider them to be strict and direct. If you want to change your image, then choose spectacles of oval or round shape. They will emphasize your eyes and allay the chin line.

Triangle shape

Do you have a triangle face shape? You can increase chin and make the forehand wider with the help of spectacles in a thin frame of square or rectangular shape. This way, you will look braver and let the girl understand who you are while flirting with her.

Rectangular shape

Often the society takes people with such shape of the face as strict and stubborn. If you have a rectangular shape, then you can allay the image with the help of spectacles. In this case, you need to choose eyeglasses with a massive frame. As a result, you will shorten your face and make your overall image more harmonic.

Diamond shape

You will not meet people with such shape very often. Still, if you are just such a person, then you can try to balance a narrow chin, decrease the width of cheekbones and get rid of extra face length. You need to choose spectacles with a massive upper part. Such a frame will attract the woman’s attention both while online flirting and offline meetings.

Get More Tips from Experts

Are you still afraid of looking like a geek? Explore a few great tips on feeling like a macho with a new pair of glasses:

  1. Choose a suitable color. Besides the shape of your frames, you need to select the appropriate color. Make sure that the chosen shade doesn’t clash with your clothes or hair; and of course, doesn’t wash out the skin tone.
  2. Mind your sunglasses. It is important to look well all year round, so look for a good pair of sunglasses. Take the same steps as with eyeglasses and make the correct choice.
  3. Think about a few pairs. There is no doubt that you have a lot of looks and outfits. You dress on the first date in one way and choose other clothes to go to work. Hence, it would be good to purchase several pairs to look best whenever you are.

Final Thoughts

Once you choose spectacles that perfectly suit your face type, you need to make sure that they always look clean. Look for homemade eyeglass cleaner recipes. Always mind cleaning them on time not to look silly while practicing pickup basics with a new girlfriend. Also, schedule an appointment at the doctor to find out how often should you wear eyeglasses. Remember that looking great is important, but being healthy also matters.  Choose the glasses that suit you, and you will not have to get rejection by the girl anymore.

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