Arm Workouts for Triceps, Biceps, and Forearms

Did you notice that women like men with excellent body shape? If you want to impress the lady and stop struggling from a strong wind blowing, then you surely should consider a list of top arm workouts. Simple exercises from top experts will let you build big triceps, biceps, and forearms. These workouts reach a maximum of muscle fibres to make them grow.  Therefore, doing them right comes with a great potential for building biceps and triceps. Mind that you should practice arm workouts from different angles so that to have arms that pop.

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How to Get Bigger Arms?

If you aim to have muscular arms, then you should take advantage of every exercise from the list below. A perfect combination of successful arm tactics will help you easily reach your goal. Also, consider a few extra recommendations:

  • Use heavy dropsets. Experts recommend performing arm workouts with weights that you can bear all five reps. Only then you can go to a rep-out weight.  Do not hurry and perform up to 10 reps. Make sure that your elbows are strictly next to your body and your back is straight. Avoid moving your second arm while you are performing the exercise with another one.
  • Use chin-ups.  The best way to perform good arm workouts is to take care of the correct form.  Make sure that your chin is centered well, the space between your hands is at least 6 inches. Being on the peak, you should open the biceps, and perform a two-second squeeze. By repeating the arm exercises correctly a few times, you increase the size of your biceps.
  • Use the Zottman curl. If you want to build big arms, mind that it is not a question only of biceps. You also need to keep an eye on elbow flexors.  Sit on the bench edge, take a few dumbbells, extend the arms downward and face the palms forward.   You need to curl as usual, but keep the palm turned away from the entire body.
  • Use multi-grip drop sets. You can quicker succeed witharm weight exercises if you switch between stronger and weaker grips. Use single and double-arm movements. This way, you will create a “neural” drive, making the nervous system to work out more muscle fibres. Thanks to manageable weight, switching grips, and cranking out 8 reps, you will reach a better result quickly.

7 Best Arm Exercises for Triceps

If you are looking for arm workouts at the gym to build excellent triceps, then you are welcome to try the following exercises. They are effective but you should mind all professional recommendations to reach your goal successfully.

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Diamond press-up

1.      Diamond press-up

Lie on the floor. Using hands, you should form a diamond shape with your body straight. Take all your body down so that the chest can touch the floor almost. Return the body to the initial position. Squeeze your chest and triceps simultaneously. You improve your triceps by narrowing a grip.

2.      One arm tricep extension

Sit down on the bench. Your elbow should be bent and directed to the ceiling with a dumbbell in one hand. Extend it until your arm is above you. Settle down your arm, back to the initial position, and repeat. This way, you build biceps triceps strength and add balance to your elbows and shoulders. Moreover, exercises like this will help you cope with muscle disproportion.

3. Tate press

Take two dumbbells and lie on the bench. They should be directly above your shoulders. Next, bring them to your chest with palms facing outside.  The dumbbells should be directed to the ceiling. Finally, raise them back and repeat again. Thanks to this gym arm workout, you will get better muscle separation.

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Javelin press

4. Javelin press

Take the EZ bar to your right hand above your shoulder. Broaden your arm and take the bar above you. Put it down to the shoulder and do it again. Biceps and triceps workout assists to activate smaller shoulder muscles. As a result, every arm, one by one, works unilaterally.

5. Tricep dips

Pay attention that this bigger arms workout is not suitable for you in case you have some shoulder issues. If not, then, have a try. Reach parallel bars while your torso is perpendicular to the floor.  Your shoulder joints should be below elbows. For this, bend your knees and set down your body. Elbows must be straight without being locked.

6. Close-grip bench press

It is another popular exercise among workouts to get bigger arms. Take a barbell with straight arms. Mind an overhand grip. Next, put down the bar, rest, and then return it to the initial position. This workout is great both for the core and chest. You can speed up the progress by putting your hands closer, therefore making your triceps work harder.

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close-grip bench press

7. Overhead barbell triceps extension (standing)

If you still are wondering how to get stronger arms, then have a look at this exercise. Take a barbell, and stand, keeping it over your head. Your hands should be slightly touching, while palms are facing inwards. Keep your upper arms static, and bend elbows down behind the head. Make sure your elbow one by one hits 90 degrees,  stops, and returns to the initial position.

7 Best Arm Workouts for Biceps

What are 5 exercises for arms? Arm workouts for women with weights differ from exercises for men. If you want to build strong biceps, then have a look at these arm workouts for men. Follow the instructions strictly, and see how quickly you are progressing.

1. Reverse curl straight bar

Unfortunately, a lot of guys forget about working with an invisible muscle that is called brachialis. It is very important for building big biceps. By training this muscle, you push the bicep muscle higher. So, start with standing and gripping a barbell at shoulder width.  Next, revolve it upwards with your forearms only.  Finally, a barbell should be in the line with your shoulders while the palms are facing out.  Repeat the exercise a few times.

2. Underhand seated row

Bend your knees, hold the bar with an underhand grip, and make sure that your shoulders are apart enough. Lean back a little, and keep back straight. Next, you should use the back muscle to put the bar towards a belly button. Finally, return the bar to the initial point, and repeat a few times for a better result.

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3. Concentration curl

To perform this big bicep workout, you need to sit down on the bench and place your right hand on the right leg.  All weight will be focused down.  Start with one hand and then repeat with another one. Curl the weight up, wait, and lower.  This way, you can easily reach the lateral biceps head and care about the appearance and performance of your muscles.

4. Incline bicep curl

Take a dumbbell and sit on a bench. You need to curl the dumbbell with your biceps until it reaches the shoulder. Next, lower them back to your side and perform the activity a few times. Be attentive and remember that such arms workout prevents other muscles from load distribution.

5. Twisting dumbbell curl

bicep tricep workouts

How can I tone my arms fast? Take a dumbbell in every hand while palms are facing each other. Curl the dumbbells with your bicep up to the shoulders. Twist the palms so that they face your chest while you are lifting them. Step by step, lower the dumbbells down to your side. Do your best and repeat the exercise a few times. It involves your forearm in the process. Of course, this arm muscles workout will not be as efficient as other exercises, but after all, it hits more of your arm while requiring less time.

6. Prone dumbbell spider curl

This exercise requires lying on the bench. Take a dumbbell to every hand, and hang them underneath your shoulders. Next, curl the dumbbells to your shoulders using your biceps. Back to the initial point and repeat. This way, you master the right curling technique that is very useful in arm exercises with weights. Make sure that your chest is flat, otherwise, you will fail with getting bigger biceps.

bicep and tricep exercises

7. Leant-forward EZ bar curl

Take shoulder-width position, and keep the EZ bar in front of your thighs.  Lean forward to form 30-degrees to the hips. Curl the bar to place your hands at the shoulders. Do not forget to breathe in.  Squeeze biceps, and set down eventually. This exercise will let you build finger strength, therefore bigger lifts.

Best Forearm and Wrist Exercises

We have one more question left: “What are 2 exercises for your arms?”. Let’s practice these arm muscle workouts. Sit on the bench and take a barbell. Your palms should face up.  Place forearms on the knees and drop the bar to the floor as much as you can.  Curl the wrist upward, then rest and slowly lower. This way, your forearms will be shown long after your body went into hiding. It means that you should be very careful. 

arm lift exercise

Another arm workout requires your palms to face down. Place the forearms on the knees, and drop the bar to the floor as much as you can.  Next, you should also curl your wrist upward, wait, and finally slowly lower. The main purpose of this exercise is to minimize associated elbow injuries while performing other workouts.

Tricep and Bicep Workouts Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, many guys make mistakes while practicing the best arm workouts for mass. As a result, they not only fail to grow their arms but deal with more serious issues. If you are about to start an arm workout gym, then discover 3 common mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Exercise grip strength. It is important both for heavy lifts and handshakes.  Therefore, aside from dumbbell forearm workouts, you should pay attention to grip strength. Look for relevant exercises, and start practicing.
  2. Watch the weight. Some men have big problems with self-worth, and this ends not being well for them in the gym. Talk to your ego before starting arm workout with weights. Take as much weight as you can handle. Avoid impressing someone as in fact, nobody cares in the gym. Focus on the result without getting mad.
  3. Mind the brachialis. Perhaps you know that person’s bicep is made up of two heads. However, there is brachialis that most guys forget about. Exactly here, you should place your focus on.  Add training this muscle into your gym plan.
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What are Some Arm Exercises?

Now you know bicep and tricep workouts that can help you get a muscular arm. Mind that these are only a few exercises and you can try even more over time. Make sure that you do not have any issues related to your health before practicing the best arm exercises. Otherwise, you risk getting injured. Do not forget about proper nutrition to get an excellent result.

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