Do Women Like Anal Sex? A Complete Guide About the Process

Do women like anal sex? A lot of men are curious about this question. Anal sex is one of the opportunities to make the life of partners in bed more varied and rich. The importance of this issue cannot be doubted. When moving to a new stage of relationships, feelings and passion in many couples noticeably decrease. To revive the old love games, partners will be forced to experiment and find beauty in their loved ones.

It is worth remembering that anal sex indicates trust between lovers. Only with full understanding and moral satisfaction from each other, partners can take advantage of this privilege. Otherwise, nothing will work out, the lesson will fail, and the tension in the relationship will stretch even more. Despite numerous risks, many men dream of having anal sex with girls. But do women themselves like this kind of sex and what are their feelings? 

Why Do Women Like Anal Sex?

Do women really like anal sex? Our team just wants to note that not all women love this type of sex. You need to know that sometimes it can lead to women’s health problems. Therefore, before thinking about anal sex with your chosen one, first, talk to her about this topic. Meanwhile some girls love this activity very much. So, let’s figure out why some ladies love anal sex and what arguments you can bring to a girl so that she agrees with it.

 do black women like anal sex

1. They feel well while doing it

Everything is simple here, such is the physiology of the girl. A woman can get great pleasure from anal sex. After all, it is known that with this type of sex, a girl stimulates all those erogenous zones that are responsible for orgasm during normal vaginal intercourse.

2. Love of submission

Why do some women like anal sex? Some girls love when a man dominates during sex. They love to have anal sex with pleasure to feel all their man’s power and strength. They allow their partner to have full power over their body. Women who engage in anal sex precisely because of the love of submission note that it excites and turns them on.

3. Faith in a better future

Why do women actually like anal sex? The psychological aspect of this issue should not be discounted. Guys and girls love anal sex also because it is often more gentle, and affectionate than normal sexual intercourse. This can help establish contact with spouses, even in domestic matters.

Many notes that the relationship that they had with a partner before the first act is fundamentally different from the next. Anal sex teaches lovers to trust each other and brings more intimacy, sensuality, and mutual understanding to the couple’s relationship. Some girls want anal sex with the hope of taking their current relationship to the next level.

How Do Girls Feel During Anal Sex?

Do women really like anal sex?

Having anal sex can give fair sex a lot of new, vivid sensations. Despite all the advantages of this type of sexual intercourse, some girls experience severe discomfort when the penis passes into the anus. Pleasant pain is often accompanied by rather strange sensations. Most often, girls are simply lost and do not understand how to act. The level of pleasure and achievement of a vivid orgasm in anal sex correlates with strictly defined parameters of a partner’s penis or an intimate toy and depends on:

  • Size
  • Diameter
  • Penetration depths
  • The chosen pose

With the stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, anal sex can give a girl a double orgasm, which lasts about two to three minutes.

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes or Wants Anal Sex With You?

Many guys do not consider anal sex to be some kind of sacrifice on the part of the girl. They are sure that most women themselves want this because of the special sensations and love of submission to a man. It happens that some girls hide the fact that they want to have anal sex. Someone has a goal to keep their virginity before marriage, someone does not want to get pregnant, and other parts of women replace vaginal sex with anal sex during menstruation. How to know that a girl is ready to have anal sex with you?

  • She behaves openly and liberally and loves vulgar jokes and frank topics about sex.
  • Quietly agrees to experiments in sex.
  • She starts talking about anal sex but does not admit her desires. Asks leading questions.
  • She is interested in this topic in porn – the woman focuses on it and does not speak negatively.
  • She is enthusiastic about adult anal toys.

What to Do to Get Pleasure For Girl and Make Her Like Anal Sex?

Why do some women like anal sex?

Preparing for anal sex with a significant other can take months. First of all, the partner needs to mentally prepare his girlfriend for a new kind of pleasure. Here you can take advantage of the privilege of sharing anal porn. Then you can ask a clarifying question about the woman’s experience and gently inquire about the possibility of having anal sex shortly. After an approving answer, no need to go right off the bat. It is important to prepare your own body and the girl’s body for anal sex.

  1. Buy a lubricant in a pharmacy or sex shop, a large bottle is better.
  2. How to drive a woman crazy for you? Buy some intimate toys to make the hole more spacious. For example, for this, you can purchase an anal plug. With the help of it, the sensations even from vaginal sex will become brighter and more powerful.
  3. Let your partner prepare on their own. Within seven to ten days, the girl can develop the anus on her own: for example, with light strokes around the ringlet.
  4. Don’t forget about condoms. It is impossible to get pregnant during anal sex, and it is very possible to catch some unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

Only if all the above rules are observed, you can proceed to the main part.

Tips & Tricks

do women actually like anal sex?

It is important to remember that anal sex should take place by mutual agreement between the parties. No need to force a partner to coitus, which she does not like. Also, during sex, you should strongly excite your mistress and try to mentally relax her first. Condoms and lubricant must be used.

You should listen to the opinion of the girl and be in constant contact with her. With any acute pain, it is important to stop the process and try to change the position or angle of entry of the male genital organ. You also need to prepare the partner’s body in advance, try to discuss all the points of the upcoming intercourse, and try to explain the possible consequences.


Do women like anal sex? As you already understood, some girls love anal sex for several reasons. But this does not apply to all girls on this planet. Having anal sex with a woman is not at all scary. Fair sex gets real pleasure during this type of sexual intercourse. It is important to listen to the opinion of the partner, not to put pressure on her emotionally, and even more so physically. There are no health consequences, all painful sensations come from inexperience and unwillingness to follow simple rules.

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  1. Hello there! My name’s Andrew and I want to share my experience with you. Recently, my girlfriend and I were having some issues with our sex life being a bit dull. We went to see a sex therapist and she recommended trying something new, like anal sex. After doing some research, we stumbled upon this article. As you can imagine, everything went great, hence why I’m writing this comment. The one thing I want to mention is to pay attention to your girlfriend’s comfort level. Have a good day! 🙂

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