What Are the Main Characteristics of a Cheating Woman?

Today you may love each other strongly and be sure that it will last forever, but all of a sudden everything changes. Does it look familiar to you? Probably you or some of your friends have faced infidelity at least once in life. It is not what you would like to come to your life, but it comes. Disappointment, sadness, and plenty of other negative emotions may occur your heart and your mind. This is when you should clearly understand the characteristics of a cheating woman. It will help you act quickly and wisely. After all, it’s life, yeah? There are no guarantees that your significant other will be loyal all the time. So keep brave, and go on reading about the traits of a cheating woman. 

Do All Women Cheat on Their Partners?

Let’s face the truth: men are known to cheat more often than women. Recent research proved that guys deal with infidelity regularly while girls do not. While women have been fighting for equal rights with men, they would not like to have the right to cheat as often as guys. Girls have another nature and another reason for cheating on their partners. These reasons make them consider infidelity as the only way in certain situations. So, why do ladies decide to cheat on their partners? Learn it to prevent the same situations in your life.

What are the Reasons for Female Infidelity? 

As it has been mentioned above, girls deceive guys due to different reasons. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Cheating husband. It may sound funny in some way, but it is really so. Some women decide to cheat on partners just because they face the same situation. Even if the lady loves her man, she has no other way to overcome pain, stress, and disappointment, rather than finding a lover. In most cases, it leads to nowhere and ends with a true catastrophe. 
  • Faded love. Emotions are a priority for most ladies. They need to feel love, care, and passion. If all these disappear from their life and they face a faded love – nothing good should be expected. In this case, girls start to look for emotions out of relationships. The situation becomes more complicated if there is a guy who wants to get closer to this woman. This is how a faded love results in female infidelity.
  • Lack of emotional closeness. Over time, men and women get stuck in a routine. They stop to share their feelings and emotions and discuss expectations and dreams. They keep living under the same roof but nothing more.  Emotional disconnection never plays into hands. It causes worsening intimacy in the long run. People do not feel their unity anymore and start to live on their own, forgetting that a healthy relationship requires regular steps toward each other. 
What are the signs of a woman cheating?

Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: Recognize a Liar Easily

Can a man tell if a woman is cheating? Yes, he can if he knows how to recognize a liar. Signs of a cheating woman will help you determine whether a girl by your side is honest with you or not. 

1. She has a strong password on every device

Does your woman worry about her own privacy too much? If she has passwords on all her devices and gets angry when you take her phone or laptop? Well, perhaps she has what to hide from you. Try to be more attentive and watch her behaviour when somebody texts or calls her. What does she do? If she starts to worry and looks for a reason to talk in another room, then the chances that she has another man are quite high.

2. She refuses to talk about wedding and kids

Among the characteristics of a cheating woman Reddit is the absence of desire to go to a more serious level. Is your beloved afraid of serious commitment? Does she avoid any conversations about wedding and kids? Well, it looks suspicious, doesn’t it? Most ladies are dreaming about marriage and giving birth to a baby. If your girl is not one of them, then you may start to worry about her seriousness towards you. It may say that the lady is still seeking a man and you are not her final choice for sure. Unlike you, she doesn’t build any plans for a mutual future, and may even communicate with one or a few guys simultaneously with you. 

3. She doesn’t want to introduce you to her friends

Do you have different social circles? Agree, it’s not good for a relationship. If your special one doesn’t hurry to get you acquainted with her friends, comrades, and colleagues, it may mean two things. First of all, the woman may be flirting with some of them, or even dating when she is not with you. Or, she doesn’t consider your relationship as something important. Simply put, she doesn’t try to get closer to you, have mutual friends, and spend more time with you. This is a popular sign of a cheating woman.

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4. She always wants something from you

Some women have high expectations and it is not surprising at all. But if you feel constant pressure from your significant other, it already looks not very good. An overdemanding woman is an evident sign that she cheats on you. This way she tries to pick up an excuse for her behavior. Demanding from you something and not getting it or expecting too long for it, helps her feel less guilty. Also, she gets another reason to say that the lover is better in definite cases, and that’s why her infidelity is okay. 

What is the behavior of a cheating wife?

5. She has impressive skills to lie

Have you ever noticed what a skillful liar your lady is? Despite the situation she showed, you should mind her skills. It means that she can say lie without a blink of an eye. Even at first sight, you do not take it seriously, remember that cheaters start like this. Soon, you will not be able to understand when she is honest and when she is not. It means you will experience great difficulties to learn whether she has another man.

6. She accuses others all the time

It is one of the common characteristics of a woman that is cheating on her husband. She is never guilty. Such a woman doesn’t confess her fault even if she is not right. Usually, she blames somebody else. You will often hear that it is not her fault but her friend/comrade/cousin/etc. This Mrs. Always Right looks strange. A person who is not ready to admit their own guilt will never become a reliable partner. This is what you should keep your eye on. 

7. She has a changeable mood

Does your woman have a changeable mood all the time? If she confessed her feelings yesterday and told you that she loves you so much, and the next day she is cold and indifferent – take it as one of the facts about a cheating woman. It means that your lady has feelings for another man as well. She may even try to choose between you two. That’s how it is possible to explain her hot and cold games. You will often deal with such opposite feelings and emotions from her side until she understands who is really important to her.

What personality traits do cheaters have?

How to Catch a Cheating Woman?

It is a common question that guys are wondering about. Knowing the characteristics of a cheating woman, you get one step closer to your goal. Well, if you are sure that you want to know the truth then you can:

  • Ask directly and initiate a frank conversation
  • Guess her password and check her devices
  • Try to speak to her best friends and ask them a few questions
  • Follow her after work

Of course, there are more options that you can take an advantage of. But before, decide what you are going to do with the things that you learn. Can a cheating woman change and be faithful? It all depends. Mind that most girls cheat on partners because they are unhappy. If you try to settle everything down and become more caring and attentive, then your connection may get one more chance for happiness. Still, in this case, you should forget about infidelity and do not back to discussing it again. Otherwise, all your attempts will fall through. If you are not ready to deal with all that stuff, then it is better to leave, not to hurt anyone further. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many cheating woman quotes that describe the dishonest partner well. But nobody is perfect. You can hear lots of stories that get a happy ending after infidelity. The stories which got bad endings are numerous as well. It is up to you to decide what ending exactly your story will get. Mind the characteristics of a cheating woman and do your best to build the relationship of your dream today, not to regret anything tomorrow. 

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