What To Wear For Beach Wedding—Top Tips Every Man Should Know

What to wear for beach wedding? This question concerns not only potential grooms but guests who are going to visit a ceremony. If you want to look sharp and stylish during the special day of newlyweds, these tips will certainly come in handy. Create a polished look without extra effort thanks to expert recommendations on how to dress for a wedding ceremony. While having this information at hand, other guests will confuse you with a star on a red carpet, so keep scrolling down to learn more.      

Opt for Light Materials

The first rule in learning what to wear to a beach wedding for men is choosing light fabric and neutral colors. It is possible to opt for shirts and trousers made from cotton, polyester, nylon, and linen. There is no need to stand out at the beach ceremony wearing vibrant clothing — you would appear weird at least. It is better to pick some neutral shades like white, beige, ivory, and navy blue. 

You can combine colors to bring some fresh style to your look. Also, it is possible to wear knitted or striped suits, but make sure the pattern is light as well. To make a wow effect, try to experiment with different textures and fabrics, but remember to keep it light. Don’t forget to choose eyeglasses that suit you since, most likely, you will need them at the beach. By the way, it is possible to complement your look with other accessories like bracelets, watches, and chains. 

beach wedding outfits for men guest what to wear

Choose the Right Shoes

Numerous male guests are wondering what shoes to wear for beach wedding. Choosing the right shoes is a cornerstone for looking as handsome as a Hollywood star on the red carpet, so keep this aspect in mind while planning your next venture. Even though the beach is always associated with slippers, avoid wearing them at a wedding since you lose your charm then. Since you wear a light shirt and trousers, the most optimal option for you is sneakers. Pick the wight or beige ones to fit your apparel. You can choose between leather or textile sneakers, but make sure they exclude ornaments and textures. Otherwise, it will be overkill. 

Classic Suits are Always Trendy

What to wear to a beach wedding for guys if there is a dress code? Multiple designers suggest wearing suits that consist of medium-length fitted single-breasted jackets. Narrow lapels and small pockets will be a perfect addition to the suit. It is also possible to choose straight or slightly tapered trousers with rather narrow flares. Even though the velour fabrics are in trend this year, for summer it is best to choose lighter linen, bamboo, or cotton fabrics. Picking a 3-piece suit isn’t an option since you will feel really hot on the beach. The last thing you want is to sweat like a crazy person, so make sure you opt for a proper suit. 

Mind Accessories 

The next step in learning what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest is choosing the right accessories. Thus, you can highlight your best features and boost your self worth in case everything appears harmonious. Some men like to wear jewelry and accessories, others try to minimize them. How to complement your outfit is a matter of personal tastes. Here are several tips: 

  • Expensive, stylish watches and seals will always enrich the overall look. 
  • Cufflinks are better than ordinary buttons. 
  • If your choice falls on a classic suit, try to wear a minimum of jewelry: one ring or a thin gold chain will be enough. 
  • The color of the belt must match the color of the shoes. 
  • wearing purses under the armpit is not in fashion nowadays.
  • If you are planning to take a bag with you, make sure it is small enough and matches the hues of your clothing.
  • Don’t forget sleeve garters for when the temperature gets unbearable. 
what to wear for beach wedding male guest

Make Sure you Feel Confident 

What to wear for a beach wedding to feel confident? If you want to stand ahead of other male guests at the wedding make sure you feel convenient when moving in your apparel. The clothing shouldn’t interfere with movements and especially rub the skin. That is why it is necessary to make sure that the suit perfectly tailors your body. Don’t wear too loose shirts since you will look crude. Also, it is unacceptable to wear excessively small clothing since you can’t be sure how robust the fabric is. Granted, you don’t want your trousers to part at the seams right in the middle of the ceremony. So, get your clothing tailored and showcase your confidence to other guests.   

Urban Chic is an Option

A jacket that has a modern cut and a shirt or polo shirt can ideally complement dark blue jeans or black cotton trousers. In this case, classic shoes with socks will match such an outfit. A jacket can be with a small pattern of a neutral color. It is necessary not only to try to match the event but also to feel at ease at it, so make sure the ceremony won’t take place when it is 122°F outside. If you want to wear jeans as a wedding dress guest, it is still better to combine them with a light shirt.  

what to wear for a beach wedding men

Summing up

It may be a rather daunting task to decide what to wear for beach wedding, especially when the temperature is at its peak. However, if you follow simple rules, you quickly fix all your dressing issues. First off, it is necessary to choose light fabrics for your body to breathe. Picking the right shoes is no less essential. Here everything depends on whether you want to appear at the wedding ceremony as a classic macho or casual guy. The right accessories make a big difference when complementing the overall look. Make sure you don’t overdo it with jewelry. If you want to highlight your style, you can add something special to your outfit. It may be funny socks or a tie — get your imagination run wild to look exceptionally handsome as a guest at the beach wedding.  

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  1. Hey) What a pity I didn’t come across this article earlier this year. In July my friends got married, and I was one of the guests. The ceremony was so nice and I enjoyed every moment. Unfortunately, my suit was not okay for a beach wedding. I hope other guys will take advantage of the listed recommendations, and choose the right outfit.

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