Learn How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

When you only aim to become a macho man, you may experience some difficulties and discomfort during communication with a lady. As a result, you risk not reaching your primary aim. Of course, you should practice a lot, but there are some more tips on how to keep a conversation going with a girl. Keep reading and boost your expertise. Knowing what to dress and what to say will help you win the girl’s heart in the long run.

Start the Conversation Properly

You will read a lot of other recommendations on how do you keep a conversation going with a girl, but this one is basic. Despite who, how, and when you are going to talk with a lady, you need to be confident and show as much charm as you have. Mind that the first impression is crucial, and you have just one chance to set a positive image. Otherwise, the girl will have a spoiled mood and you can’t expect a good conversation at all.

Know What Things to Discuss

When you type “how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text” in the search engine, you see one common recommendation. Most experts say that you should have a list of topics to discuss. Still, it is better to make your communication more personalized. You need to choose topics that both of you are interested in. For example, you can ask how she copes with stress if you are a student, or where she likes to walk her pet if she has a dog. Be attentive and pick up suitable topics to keep a conversation going with a girl. Once you understand what she likes to talk about, you are one step closer to your aim. Also, you should avoid general phrases. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue the conversation. If she works as a teacher, do not ask something “Do you like your job?”. Instead, ask something unique: “Why did you decide to become a teacher?”, “What do you usually start your lesson with?”, etc. Keep to her interests, desires, or past to make the girl involved.

Understand When You Should Continue

It is not reasonable to find out how to keep a conversation going with a girl who is not interested in you. You should chat with ladies who also feel inspired about getting to know you better. You should initiate the conversation but do not press. If you notice that the girl doesn’t ask questions, constantly distracts her phone, then you shouldn’t waste your time. After all, you risk facing rejection and total disappointment. There are surely many girls that will be glad to chat with you, so shift your focus on them.

Provide Basic Personal Information

Most guys forget one important thing. Conversation with a girl is not an interview. You should not just keep asking questions. Instead, tell something about yourself. Choose a few basic facts that may be important to get the overall idea of who you are, and share them. Then, set your focus on the girl’s personality again.  But do not ask questions only. Add a few statements as well. For example, if she answers that she likes dogs, you can add that you have a pet as well. Such ways to keep a conversation going with a girl really work. Both of you will feel comfortable, hence eager to chat more.

Prepare Some “Conversation Leads”

If the girl is interested in you, she will give you an idea of how to keep a conversation going. You need just to be a little bit attentive. For example, if she says that she is very tired after work and needs a vocation, then, you can ask about her job. If the girl says that it is necessary to clean a phone memory due to plenty of pictures, then she wants to tell how much she likes taking photos. All in all, you need to look at things deeper. In this case, you will have plenty of great questions to ask to keep a conversation going. When the lady sees that you do not only listen, but care as well, you have all chances to win her attention.

Keep Calm if There is Silence

It doesn’t matter whether you need to know how to keep a tinder conversation going or offline communication. You should not start to panic if the silence hits the conversation. It is quite common. If the lady doesn’t say anything, you should not rush to ask something at once. Let the silence work for you. If you start to panic, you may lose the main focus. Instead, make the silent moment work for you, and keep calm.

The Last Word

As you can see there are no universal things to say to keep a conversation going. Yes, you can pick up any of the common topics to discuss, but the conversation may not end as you are expecting. Instead, you should react to the girl’s phrases, and act correspondingly. If she is not active enough, then you should choose another interlocutor. But do not mix it with silence as it doesn’t mean that you do not match each other. After all, even the best friends may be silent for a while.

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