Real Reasons Why Guys Give Up on Relationships—Useful Info to Know

Nowadays, more and more people are wondering why guys give up on relationships. If you look through 2015 research, you will see that 30% of breakups were initiated by men. However, this number has been considerably increased nowadays. A lot of men don’t want to build long-lasting relationships and give up on women since they are disappointed by social standards and modern dating patterns. Today, guys don’t want to win the heart of women and put the effort to impress them. Here are the top reasons why so many men often say “I give up on relationships”, so keep reading the article to get a deeper insight into the matter. 

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Features of a Guy Who Tends to Break Up with Girls

Recognizing men giving up on dating and relationships may prevent the failure of expectations. Read on to discover the features of a real macho man who doesn’t want to tie knots and be caught in the love nets. Typically, such guys use the following words and phrases when communicating with girls: 

  • I am too busy at work right away.
  • I have never experienced love. That is why I gave up on relationships so often. 
  • It is so time-consuming for me to develop a serious connection. 
  • Dating apps and websites bother me a lot. 
  • I can’t even imagine what women are expecting from me. That is why I always keep a distance. 
  • She is so awesome. I don’t deserve her.
  • I would rather focus on more essential things than plunging in nowhere. 
  • She was so fantastic, so I didn’t call her back.

Why Do Guys Give Up on Relationships?—Get All Your Question Answered

Who are those guys who break up with girls? How to explain such behavior? Why do guys give up on relationships so easily? If at least one question pops up in your mind, the information below will be a real help. Scroll down to find out the reason guys are so unmotivated in building serious and healthy bonds with women.

Guys Don’t Want to Mix Dating and Chivalry 

When a guy gives up on a woman, it doesn’t always mean she did something wrong. Many men experience high pressure when inviting a girl for a date. The point is that many ladies expect their partner to impress them with a nice location and pay for the dinner. Some ladies are even waiting for expensive gifts. However, the date may not fulfill the expectations of a guy, so why put in the effort next time?

Nowadays, women are pickier than ever. Even if a man learns how to dress on the first date to feel confident or how to behave to impress a lady, nobody guarantees a woman will give a kiss or spend a night with you. Many ladies let their partners wait around, which is rather irritating for males. Girls often compare their potential boyfriends with other men, which often makes guys get nervous and lower their self-esteem. 

Modern social norms dictate guys giving their partners equality. However, when it comes to dating, more women want to see outdated conventions. Frequently, many men are confused about whether they do everything right during the date or whether they go absolutely wrong. A perfect date may end up with total disappointment. That is why guys give up on relationships at the very beginning. 

Giving Up on Relationships—Burnt Person Dreads the Fire

Numerous men giving up on relationships have already had bad romantic experiences. A woman might have hurt them in the past and now they can’t get along well with female representatives. Due to disappointment and frustration, many guys think twice before asking a lady for a date.  

The majority of men opting out of relationships are reliable, kind, and gentle. The truth is that women are looking for creepy and complicated men with some problems in the past. It is relatively difficult for good guys to compete with hot bad boys. At least, this is a philosophy of nice men. They are afraid of building deep connections with women in order not to be hurt again. 

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Women Are Too Capricious

Another reason why guys stay single is because of capricious girls. It goes without saying that the more beautiful a lady is, the worse she treats men, especially unconfident ones. Attractive girls know the worth of their appeal and often treat men inadequately. They play different games with them by showcasing their interest and mocking these guys after. 

Moreover, not all ladies have serious intentions. There are girls who want to derive the benefit from relationships. This could be hurting, especially if a man falls in love with a woman. Some men still feel threatened by women due to their fake emotions and the weird things they do. So, why would guys put forth an effort if the girls don’t appreciate that at all?

Men Are Lazy to Give a Proper Direction to Relationships

Often many girls hear “I give up on dating and relationships” without any explanation. The thing is that many men are exhausted during their relationships, so they don’t see any way out unless breaking up. Men don’t like to struggle with problems or experience a too deep spectrum of emotions. While trying to avoid drama, tired guys no longer want to continue their love games. 

Often, men refuse to work hard on relationships especially if they don’t see any perspective. Others consider relationships to be too demanding and time-consuming, so it is better to focus on other things. If a man doesn’t achieve any reward for his attempts to build a connection, he may use some phrases to bring the relationships to a logical end.

  1. Ive given up on you because I don’t think we have anything in common.
  2. I feel like the best way out is to end our relationships. 
  3. I am not completely satisfied with our connection, so It would be best if we broke up.
  4. It was great to be with you, but we need to break up. 
  5. Both of us will be happy if we become single again.  

Casual Hookups Are Easier than Commitment 

This is probably the most obvious reason why guys give up on relationships. Some men are looking for effective ways to drive a woman crazy and avoid being committed at all. Rather than giving energy to the development of love affairs, these guys prefer casual sex to meaningful connections. It is easier and more budget-friendly to pick up a girl for a one-night stand than paying for a restaurant and giving flowers. 

Numerous men don’t want to settle down and want to preserve their independence as long as possible. Nevertheless, it may be rather surprising, but a lot of women are striving for the same relationship pattern. They don’t want to have any obligations and want to escape the tiniest responsibility. 

Alteration of Expectations 

Life isn’t constant, so it is normal when people change their expectations. There are more and more cases when an innocent flirting with a woman was interpreted as sexual harassment. Believe it or not, many men don’t understand how to properly flirt with a lady. Numerous guys are scared to approach a lady just because of fear that they might be misunderstood. 

Due to a drastic alteration of gender roles, it is easy to be confused about what a man should do and what it is better to avoid. Finding the right way to approach a woman may be a real challenge. That is why there are many men giving up attempts to tie knots with a lady and live a life full of different challenges.    

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Family Aspect

Those who are wondering why men stay single should consider a family aspect as well.  All relationships assume creating a family sooner or later. Some men consider themselves not to be family guys. That is why they try to escape as soon as they feel the connection between partners becomes stronger. This is when guys opt out of dating immediately.  

Some males want to leave the dating scene since the concept of long-lasting commitment, family and kids are daunting for them. They would rather keep things casual and have several dates a week with different ladies. Some of them don’t want to see a single partner be their side while others just want to have different exciting experiences. 

Why Do Guys Give Up on Relationships?—Final Thoughts 

Numerous men give up first and there is nothing to do with that. Some guys just ain’t cut out for creating deep bonds, but it doesn’t mean they are bad people. There are many guys who haven’t already met their love, but when it happens, they open their hearts for their soulmates. Life is full of surprises and you will never know who you come across in the street. Maybe it is your life partner you won’t break up with anyway? 

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3 thoughts on “Real Reasons Why Guys Give Up on Relationships—Useful Info to Know”

  1. I think that everything is simple. Guys decide to separate when they feel uncomfortable. They do not put up with any stuff that makes them unhappy. Personally, I broke so many times because the girl was annoying, or indifferent. Men want care and comfort – that’s all. Auch, and the right woman. We never break if we really love the girl, everything rest is nonsense, let’s be frank.

  2. I was married 2 times, and I want to tell you that it’s not always the fault of a man giving up on relations. My first wife was not really thinking about family. She would prefer to spend all day at work and then go out with her friends. We didn’t really have time together, we were living in the same house, but each had our own life. A few years after the divorce I found another woman. Now I am happily married, and planning to have kids very soon!

  3. As for me, I broke with by ex because she always was taking about wedding. Guys will understand what I mean. All those conversations about planning, kids, vacations made me feel totally exhausted. One day I thought – stop, I do not want all this, I do not want get married. We had a difficult dialogue and afterward broke. Now I am happy with my new friend with benefits.

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