DateHer Review: Is It a User-Friendly And Honest Site?

In modern times, the online dating business has become exceptionally productive and popular. You may be surprised, but now one of the most popular dating sites is considered Dream Singles. This site is in demand for those looking for their other half. Since profile photos are checked and approved by moderators here, you will not get into an unpleasant situation with fake accounts and bots.

Therefore, due to such features of this site, your chance of finding your match will increase. But is it really worth your attention? Let’s look deeper into the essence with a detailed review.

Dream Singles Site Pros And Cons

dream singles com pros and cons

Registration at Dream Singles Site

Joining a dating site will take a little time. You can use your Facebook account to speed up the signup process. Registration for Dream Singles is simple is free. Also, you can use the trial version, which lasts three days. And then decide whether you wish to participate in this site in the future. With a Dream singles login, you can find your perfect match.

Choose good photos that women will like. Also, make sure that you look great in the photo, so first take care of your body to get a nice profile picture.

Profile and Dating

Your profile is created during registration—photo, age, occupation, education, religion, preferences, email, and dream-singles login. If you missed some questions during registration, you must add them and wait until this information is approved.

Note that the preferences you write (gender and age) during registration, then all user profiles that will be shown in your gallery will depend on them.

You can use the dream singles phone number if you like some members. Even if the person speaks another language, don’t worry. Dream Singles can arrange a conversation with an interpreter for you. Pricing Policy

In today’s world, most dating sites are all paid for. And then the question arises: ‘Is Dream single free?’ Before you become a member of this dating site, you will be given a choice to take the so-called ‘site tour’ and look through several options.

As for paid membership, here you have a choice between four subscriptions per month:

prices dream singles

You need a subscription if you want flirting open, unlimited emails, screensaver sends, discounts on live screensavers, and video chat.

You will have a 50% discount on some features, but in order to pay for the other half, you will need credits. Browse this credit shop and prices:

  • 900 credits – $379.00
  • 435 credits – $199.00
  • 310 credits – $149.00
  • 175 credits – $99.00
  • 95 credits – $60.00
  • 40 credits – $30

Your Dream Singles subscription automatically renews. You will only have one day to keep a notification through which you can opt out of the automatic renewal of the subscription. There is no money-back guarantee. You may receive a partial amount. Perhaps it will simply be reduced by time, or your credits used in Dream Singles will be reduced. And yes, credits will not expire.

Design and Appearance

The first thing you see when you enter the site is a cute couple who look into each other’s eyes and the registration window so that you understand that you can meet your love on this site. As intended, you will want to register, but then you will see that you need to invest money to continue using this site. Next, you can see profile pictures of people. Thanks to these photos, you will understand how diverse people are on this dating site. They show us variety in age and nationality.

But let’s pay attention to the fact that you can’t click and see photos and user profiles. You have the option to view just the dream-singles member login. Dream Singles will only allow you to view all of these profiles once you have registered and become a member.

If you click on the first profile that comes up when you create your free account, you’ll see a pretty detailed profile. There is information about hobbies, country, city, zodiac sign, age, religion, physique, smoking status, and personal biography. Also, on this profile, you can see dream singles contact and different chat options.

Is Dream Singles Scam? 

When you register on the Dream Singles website, you need to be given the option to verify your email address. Carefully choose users for interaction so that you avoid getting any scammers.

Since all photos must be moderated, you must refrain from coming across illegally used images. Such photos include targeted advertising, candid photos, cartoon characters, and photos of celebrities and models.

But at the same time, Dream Singles has a lot of bad reviews because of the prices for the services. When you have a free version for three days, you can only search for profiles, but in order to somehow contact, write off or even see more information from the profile, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription.

What do users say about the Dream Singles website?

If you look at the review on TrustPilot, you will notice that all five-star reviews are ‘invited.’ At the moment, the Dream Singles rating is 4.0, but at the same time, there are a vast number of studies where it was mentioned that the site is a scammer.

You can also find negative reviews associated with the removal of the site. Some people had difficulties when they wanted to delete their accounts. If you find fault, it looks suspicious that the reviews are either five-star or one-star—only some, most no intermediate ones. On other review resources, the statistics of reviews are almost the same, with only fewer reviews.


Still, have some doubts about Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps after reading accurate answers to them, you will get rid of all hesitations and will be able to decide whether is worth your attention.

How do I contact a Dream Single?

When you are on the site’s main page, you can scroll to the very bottom. There you will find a ‘contact us’ button which will take you to a form where you can send your message to the site. But before you can write your message, you will be given a FAQ for you to read, as the answer to your question may be there.

Is it possible to consider Dream Singles real?

Quite yes, you can find a soul mate thanks to this dating site. However, you will need to spend a lot of money. According to statistics, the age of users is 36-42 years. But what about the elderly who are over 50? One of the useful tips is to look attractive. But how can they do it? You can find the answer to this question here, and increase your chances for success. 

We can safely assure you is dream singles legitimate and safe as possible. However, there are some doubts about safety.

Here are a few facts about the safety of Dream Singles:

  1. For 15 years, Dream Singles has had no security issues. Since the site has several levels of encryption, users can be sure they will not encounter data theft.
  2. Anti-Scam Protection Dream Singles does everything possible to ensure that participants do not encounter scammers. They confirm each profile, and thanks to this, you can be sure that you are communicating with a natural person.
  3. Dream Singles has never sold the personal data of its users.
  4. This site has never been hacked, although it may have been attempted.
  5. You can be sure that Google will not display your photos from this site.
  6. When you register, your phone number does not need to be entered.
  7. You can erase your data and delete your account at any time, free of charge.

How do I delete my dream singles account?

You can delete your Dream Singles account at any time without any investment. If you need help understanding or finding where to make this function, you can write to the customer support point, and they will describe everything in detail there. You may also need to cancel your subscription or paid features when you delete your account.

You can cancel your subscription:

  • Through settings
  • By sending an email

Final Verdict

The site has both pros and cons. First impressions are good, and you can see that Dream Singles has done a great job of making it safe, legal, and reliable. But then, when you have registered, you will realize that you will need to pay a lot to have access to all the functions.

Quite a common problem of such sites is that people want to find friends and not soul mates. On Dream Singles, users are only looking for a soul mate. You can view applications through which you can find friends. Also, one of the widespread problems is that Dream Singles cannot be used on Android or IOS.

Also, you can stumble upon many messages from accounts with photos of supermodels, which causes quite a lot of suspicion. After you want to delete your account, you may receive a lot of messages in your email, which is inconvenient. In case, after reading a detailed review, the site looks not very trustworthy, then you can see the reviews of other dating sites, for example,, and make the final decision. 

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