12 Sexy Movies on Netflix with Hottest Nude Scenes

Sometimes only a good film with the hottest nude scenes is enough for setting the right mood, and complete relaxation. Of course, you can find almost any desired film online, but when it comes to high-quality content, it’s better to pick up sexy movies on Netflix. According to Statista, over 214 million Netflix subscribers were registered in 2021, and their number is keeping to grow. Before we will talk how to find porn on Netflix, let’s see what films are popular with people, and which one may become a great option for you to watch and have a great time.

Malcolm & Marie (2021)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 45 m
  • Director: Sam Levinson
  • Google users who liked film: 81%

This film opens a list of the sexiest movies on Netflix. It was introduced in February. The main heroes are a director and his girlfriend who started to quarrel after coming back home. Actually, it is the whole plot of the film that lasts almost 2 hours. The main focus is placed on emotions, and location (a house with glass walls). The operator can show the heroes better, exploring their gestures well. The audience keeps saying different things about the film. Somebody liked the movie sexual, while others consider it to be very boring:

porn on Netflix

Yes, God, Yes (2020)

  • Genre: Comedy/drama
  • Duration: 1h 18 m
  • Director: Karen Maine
  • Google users who liked film: 63%

The events of this sexy Netflix film take place in 1999. A student of Catholic school has been strictly following all the rules. She attended church and was afraid of curse put by watching the episode in a carriage in Titanic.  One day, Alice participated in the quiz in Internet chat. A short but very frank dialogue makes her do certain physical discoveries. Such a film couldn’t leave the audience indifferent. This is what people write on Reddit:

porn shows

365 Days (2020)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 56 m
  • Director: Barbara Białowąs
  • Google users who liked film: 76%

This sexxx porn film is based on story of young and handsome guy who became a chief of dangerous Sicilian mafia when his dad was killed.  The main heroine Laura Biel decided to visit Sicilia with her boyfriend and friends in order to rest. But she even couldn’t think that she would start relationships with a local gangster. When Massimo saw Laura, he was impressed with her beauty and sexuality.  He liked her, and it seemed to be love at first sight. Soon, the main hero abducted a young woman and gave her 365 days so that she could fall in love with him. 

This is what people thnik about 365 days:

movies with real sex

Milf (2018)

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 1h 36 m
  • Director: Axelle Laffont
  • Google users who liked film: 66%

Perhaps most men are interested in horny Milfs and will not mind spending some time with not moms. If you want to see how these women can have rest, then you surely must watch Milf which was directed by Axelle Laffont. According to the plot, three beautiful women decided to set for a trip to the Côte d’Azur. There they meet three young and handsome guys. The film is full of nice scenes, amazing views, great music, and excellent actors’ play. You have all chances to spend a good time while watching one of the sexiest movies. As for the audience’s feedback, it seems that the creators expected more positive reviews. Anyway, it is a good option for your evening to watch and relax. 

Netflix nude

Cam (2018)

  • Genre: Horror/Mystery & thriller
  • Duration: 1h 35 m
  • Director: Daniel Goldhaber
  • Google users who liked film: 63%

Alice works as a webcam model in erotic chat and earn not very bad. A girl decides to become the best and enter a list of 50 top website models. That’s why she arranges extreme shows that not every girl can venture.  Once, when she almost reaches her goal, she found out that she could enter her account. Instead, the girl saw that somebody pretends to be her. Now, Alice needs to find out who is that person and how she could get her life. The sexy movi got many positive reviews in general, but, of course, some people didn’t agree that it is worth watching.

sexy movies on netflix

Amar (2017)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 45 m
  • Director:  Esteban Crespo
  • Google users who liked film: 53%

The main idea of the film is that people should love each other as if the next day may be the last. The main heroes are the young guy and his beloved. They fall in love with each other and let the passion drive them crazy. Their feelings are so strong that soon the couple can’t control them. The absence of experience makes them do a lot of mistakes. At the very beginning, they have a great time, but then everything changes. Is Amar a good movie? The audience becomes spectators of an amazing love story. But the question is whether young people can cope with their own feelings, and save love despite available difficulties. 

dirty movies on Netflix

Desire (2017)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 33 m
  • Director:  Diego Kaplan
  • Google users who liked film: 46 %

Netflix nudity film presents a story of two sisters who have not seen each other for seven years. But on Lucia’s wedding day, they met again. Their mother decided to put the end to constant quarrels and invites the second daughter to the fest. One of the sexiest movies on Netflix makes you a witness of sudden passion between Lucia’s sister and husband. They can’t control feelings and want their bodies to meet. Get ready to see how people will overcome the situation, and what feeling will finally win: passion or love? 

sexy movies on hbo

Newness (2017)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 57 m
  • Director:  Drake Doremus
  • Google users who liked film: 46 %

Today, everyone can easily get acquainted online on a dating website or via a mobile application. A few single clicks and you find somebody special or just a match for one nightstand. The heroes of this sexy Netflix film met online.  Martin and Gabriela have different times including passion, cheating, separation, open relationship, etc. A plot is rather dinamic and you never know what is going to happen the next minute. In the long run, lovers reconcile and confess their feelings.

Netflix shows with nudity

You Get Me (2017)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 29 m
  • Director:  Brent Bonacorso
  • Google users who liked film: 62 %

While looking for hot movies on Netflix, you may come across You Get Me. This is a film about students that involve passion, friendship, love, a danger which altogether form an interesting plot. By the way, reviews on this film sex vary. As with any other movie, tastes differ. So you can visit Netflix website and watch it to come up with your own conclusions. 

Netflix nudity

Hot Girls Wanted (2015)

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 1h 24 m
  • Director:  Jill Bauer
  • Google users who liked film: 55 %

Is there porn on Netflix? There are surely a few great films that will be interesting for you. “Hot girls wanted” is one of them. The documentary tells about porn actresses and their careers in the web cam industry.  If  you are looking for steamy movies on Netflix then take this one into consideration. Some people say that “Hot girls wanted”  is rather sad, while others say the plot is gripping and greatly demonstrates the related industry and its rules. 

best sex on netflix

Madame Claude (2021)

  • Genre: Biographical film 
  • Duration: 1h 24 m
  • Director:  Sylvie Verheyde
  • Google users who liked film: 68 %

It is another great option to watch among dirty movies on Netflix 2021, that will introduce you interesting historical period. Madame Claude is the owner of a popular French brothel who has impressive power over outstanding people in Paris. A woman runs a prosperous business that is connected with prostitution. Even if you will not see the hottest movie sex scenes, this film will surely appeal to you thanks to the interesting plot and beautiful women. 

sex movies on Netflix

Elisa and Marcela (2019)

  • Genre: Romance/drama
  • Duration: 1h 58 m
  • Director:  Isabel Coixet
  • Google users who liked film: 91 %

The best sexual movies always come with an unexpected plot. This film presents the story of the first same-sex marriage in Spain. Elisa Sanchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas decided to get married after separation forced by Marcela’s parents. Elisa left the city to return as Mario and connect life with her beloved. Of course, Elisa and Marcela differs a lot from other movies with nudity on Netflix, but such an impressive story can’t keep shady.

How to Get Porn on Netflix?

Some people even have not heard that there are sexy shows on Netflix as well as films for adults. But, yes, it has got a collection of impressive movies with sex. Do not hurry to think that the choice is poor. In fact, Netflix provides great entertaining options which may not be seen so easily. If you type words like porn, streamy, etc., you will get a few results only. Porn on Netflix exists, and all adult films are grouped, but be ready that you can browse them only with a specific code. For example, Dark Independent Steamy Romance – 29558. 

movies with sexy scenes

Summing-up: How to Watch Porn on Netflix?

Sexxx porn is the best way to relax, discover new poses, and enhance the quality of your experience. Once you decide to enjoy the best nudity on Netflix, discover available content, and enter the relevant code – you have been introduced to an impressive section for adults. Finally, you can watch the dirtiest movies on Netflix alone or with your partner, but there are no hesitations that you will have an unforgettable time.

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  1. I’ve watched all of these films and yes, they are mostly very sensual with a touch of drama. I am not a fan of the drama genre at all, but in these films, everything is so harmonious, I watch almost to the end without stopping. The selection of films is really very relevant, and I am glad that I also share my preferences with the author of this article.If you haven’t seen these movies, I highly recommend watching them. You won’t be disappointed

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