Bald With Beard—Best Beard Styles To Emulate

Does a beard look good with a bald head? — Definitely yes. If you are bald with beard, you might definitely wonder which style of beard would match you best. The statistics show that 33% of men in the US wear a beard. Moreover, 10% of them are bald and are all about experimenting with different looks. Having a bald head with beard style has become a trend nowadays, and many celebrities embrace it as well. Check out the most popular stars and get inspired by their unique physical attributes. The right style will certainly enrich your baldness and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Reasons Men Want To Have Bald Looks With Beard

Why am I bald but have a beard? Numerous men ponder over this question. While some guys find a beard with bald head a unique way to express their identities, others have numerous motivations behind having such a style. Some of them include:

  • The mustaches and goatees draw attention from the fully shaved beard. Some men can’t accept the absence of hair on their heads. So, they feel more confident while having facial hair. 
  • A bald with beard look may give a whole new kind of masculinity and a well-defined personality. Numerous guys consider it to be a perfect way to highlight their identities or emphasize their status. 
  • It is possible to make your facial shape more flattering. Indeed, mustaches or goatees can correct your facial blemishes and make you appear even more handsome. 
  • A bald man with beard usually stands out from the crowd. Such a style will make you more memorable as a person and give you boosted control over the overall appearance of your face.
Reasons Men Want To Have Bald Looks With Beard

Famous People With Bald With Beard

Can a bald man be handsome? Absolutely yes, and the following celebrities are great examples of charm and valor while having shaved heads and facial hair. Most likely, they use the services of stylists and the most popular mens body groomers to appear so handsome and sexy. Nevertheless, you can still take inspiration from their looks and create a unique style that will work for your overall appeal. Check out these celebrities and discover how famous bald people with beard achieve such extraordinary flair. 

Jason Statham and his two-day stubble

When the majority of adventure movie lovers think about a bald guy with beard, they remember Jason Statham. Indeed, his two-day stubble is his hallmark, and he has been wearing it since his debut role as Bacon in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998. 

Overall, you can easily achieve such a look as this bald fade with beard. All you need is to forget about your razor for several days. 

Nevertheless, it is necessary to make your beard appear well-groomed, so take advantage of a high-quality trimmer to fine-tune the length. The greatest thing about Jason Statham’s style is that his beard harmonizes with the stubble on the sides. Thus, it emphasizes his cheekbones and makes his eyes more well-defined. Jason appears more confident and valiant, which certainly matches his stock character in the majority of movies he is engaged in. 

Stanley Tucci and his stubble goatee

Stanley Tucci is known for his defined bald look with beard that looks like he hasn’t been shaved for 3-4 days. Such stubble appears very constructive to the shining scalp, so it makes the overall look more distinctive and glamorous. Even though such a style looks like it is made without any purpose, the goatee area and the subtle shape show that it took Tucci some effort to create such a look. If you want to emulate it, you should consider finding the best grooming kit to make your facial hair look appealing and neat. Aside from trimming the length, you will need to trip the shape. Also, it is necessary to repeat such a procedure every week. 

Tom Hardy and his shaggy beard

celebrities who are bald with beard

Tom Hardy is another bald with beard celebrity who adores demonstrating his natural perks. This is probably not the neatest but definitely the easiest way to wear a beard. So, Tom Hardy decided not to go to the trouble and just let his facial hair grow. The good news is that it is only up to you which length to choose. Everything depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. You can fine-tune your style by shortening the sides or trimming the goatee area. Tom Hardy spiced up his appearance by shortening the buzz on top. So, if you have the same shape of your head, why not try this option?

Rick Ross and his clean-lined beard

If you want to see the example of a bald fade with beard black man, just look at Rick Ross. He decided to follow a popular trend and did the sharp lines for his medium-length beard. This is a winning combination, especially considering his round face. Moreover, such a style helps create a more symmetrical appearance. Nevertheless, you can achieve such a clean-lined effect only after visiting barber shops multiple times. Otherwise, you will need to be a pro at using a razor blade. Despite all the efforts you should choose to achieve such a vivid style, you will certainly be satisfied with the effect and the additional dose of people’s attention. 

Ving Rhames and his mustaches

Ving Rhames is one of the most charismatic black bald men with beard who rocks Hollywood with his sexy mustaches. Even though he often changes his style, he always comes back to his mustaches, and they really work for him. If you have a narrow, long bone structure, this option will definitely work for you. Aside from refreshing your appearance, it will give a bit of width with facial fuzz. Such a shape of mustaches will give you a charismatic, distinguished, and even slightly mysterious look. 

Bruce Willis and his gray fox

bald man with beard

This list of bald with beard styles wouldn’t be complete without Bruce Willis. If you can give your head a full-bald look as soon as your hair turns gray, it doesn’t work with the beard, unless you are going to dye it every single week. If you don’t want to camouflage gray or other color differences in your face, the silver fox will definitely make you look more masculine and braver. Bruce Willis knows it for sure. The strongest disadvantage of the silver fox style is that it gives a slightly messy look. Nevertheless, it will work for you even greater if you strive for this. You can improve such a bald with a beard style by trimming between cuts. 

Hugh Jackman and his swashbuckler

How can a bald guy look more attractive? Look at Hugh Jackman and you will see the difference. However, you should understand that the swashbuckler bald head with beard style doesn’t match everyone. Someone may call it an astonishing style while others identify it as an old-school one. Anyway, Hugh Jackman looks expressive and he definitely deserves the title of being the hottest bald men with beard in Hollywood. 

If you want to mimic Hugh Jackman’s style, you will certainly need the help of a specialist. You will need to trim and shape your facial hair. Moreover, it is necessary to use a rich bundle of products to maintain its good look and shape. Nevertheless, if you are all about experimenting and opening absolutely new horizons in beard styles, feel free to try swashbuckler. 

Final Word

bald with short beard

If you want to achieve a handsome bald with beard, you will need to determine your style first of all. That is, it is necessary to consider the shape of your head and the type of your facial hair. You can choose something simple or a style that requires maintenance and shaping — everything depends on your purposes and financial possibilities. The combination of a bald head and beard can give a man a more cultivated and determined look. Some men choose such a style intentionally to boost their self-worth and look more masculine. So, if you want to try one of the above-mentioned bald with beard styles, just call your barber or grab your trimmer. Choose your identity right away. 

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  1. I had terrible bald patches on my head, and it’s good that I decided to shave my head; now I look much more decent. And now I’ve decided on a beard. Now I have a version like Jason Statham’s—a little stubble—but I really like these Scandinavian beards. I don’t know if I have the patience to grow one, or whether it will suit me. But I plan to experiment for my own pleasure.

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