12 Biggest Dating Mistakes that People Make

Even if the man says he is not interested in all that romantic stuff, it would be difficult to believe he doesn’t need a really deep connection. After all, every one seeks the person who can support, listen, help, share all good and bad days. This is when a man decides to engage into the dating world. The latter, by the way, is quite difficult to navigate. That’s why men keep making dating mistakes which prevent them from being happy. Instead, they start a toxic relationship and stop believing that another scenario is possible. 

What I am Doing Wrong in Dating? 

This question is what men are asking when a new attempt to build a relationship ends unsuccessfully. If you truly want to change things, then you should discover mistakes guys make when dating. Let’s look at the common errors that prevent you from enjoying communication with women, and finally building a nice relationship. 

1.Dating a few women

Some men think it is not a bad idea, since they are just meeting a few ladies simultaneously and learning them better. But in this case, you risk to mix some important information, and fail eventually. Moreover, dating several girls means that you actually do not care about anybody. You can’t focus all your attention on a particular woman and understand whether she is the right match for you. 

2.Having a low self-esteem

Guys with a low-esteem think they do not deserve to be happy. They do not hope that a good girl will pay attention to them. Therefore, such guys start dating at least with somebody. But it is one biggeswt dating mistakes. First of all, you should boost your self-identity, realize that you worth more than just somebody beside you. All people are imperfect, and you should know that there is a woman who will definitely appreciate your strong qualities and put up with available imperfections.  Once you understand it, you will meet a special lady who will change your life forever.

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3.Comparing your partners

Other offline and online dating mistakes men make are connected with comparing current relationships with previous one. It is the worst thing that you can do. Bringing the baggage from the past means that your chances to build strong and healthy relationships are low. Instead, you should be grateful for the time you spent with that person and the experience that you received. Otherwise, the woman who is by your side right now, may leave without any explanations. So, you are recommended to start dating only when you are completely ready for this. 

4.Having negative thoughts

Many guys have a lot of negative thoughts that prevent them from getting successful results when dating. They worry a lot and can’t start enjoying relationships. Such men constantly suspect the women and do not trust their partners. With such a mood, it is almost impossible to build something good. That’s why, you should not waste your energy and time thinking negatively. Also, it is better to stop asking yourself questions like “What do I feel?”, “Do we match well?”. Forget all that stuff and do your best to have a good time. You can’t know ahead, so the best thing that you can do is to enjoy your communication.

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5.Forgeting about own life

Early dating mistakes include shifting a focus from your own life to another person. Some guys stop living their life, and constantly reach the girls. As a result, they have problems at work, lose friends, forget about sports, etc. It should be mentioned that girls do not like such men. They like determined, strong, and confident males. So you should focus on yourself, and keep things as they have been before meeting the beauty. 

6.Ignoring red flags

It is more relevant for top 10 dating app mistakes, however, we can mention it for real life as well. People often miss important flags that warn to stop dating and consider a breakup until it is not too late. Lies, quarrels, pressure and stress are not the best things for creating strong relationships. So, if you notice that something goes wrong, it is better to become more attentive. Do not take it as a recommendation to wait for something bad and getting suspicious, just do not ignore red flags. 

7.Pretending to be someone else

It goes without saying that every man aims to be a real macho to a girl who he likes. It means that some guys try to pretend to be someone else to appeal to a definite lady. It is when they forget who they are, what they really like and want. Remember that earlier or later, a woman will find out everything and you risk losing her. But the worst thing is that she will never know who you really are.Therefore, your relationship doesn’t have any future for sure. It is very important to be honest if you really are interested in building a good relationship with a particular woman. 

8.Speeding up things

It is more common for texting mistakes when dating but for real life as well. When you meet somebody special, you are sure that this is the right person for you. You start planning the future, and talking about kids. This is a big mistake, since you risk missing an important stage of your acquaintance. Try to slow down, and enjoy the beginning of your communication. It is the time for learning from each other better, having romantic experiences, and understanding whether you match each other well. 

9.Absence of definite goals

Discussing 10 dating mistakes, it is impossible to forget about dating without any purpose. It means that you meet a few or a single woman and have no idea what it is for. We do not say that you must aim to get married at once. Surely, no. But you should realize your own plans and desires. Otherwise, you will meet and leave every time. It is important to understand whether you are dating not to feel lonely, for building serious relationship, for having sex, etc. This way, you will not lose yourself and feel more confident. 

10. Desire to change the partner

Even though it is one of dating mistakes women make, many guys make it as well. The secret of a successful relationship is that you accept the person as she is. When you try to change the woman, you risk failure. Even if she changes in some way, it will not last for a long time. It is better to understand this at the very beginning and not waste your effort. Mind, when a woman feels support and care, she is ready for everything to make the man happy. Therefore, it is better to focus all your efforts on giving all this to her and you will get back more.

11.Texting a lot

The top 3 dating mistakes that lead to breakups say that people text too much between meetings. It means that you actually do not have anything to discuss when you meet at last. It’s better to slow down, limit yourself with a couple of sentences to write and postpone all discussions until you see each other. By the way, mind that using a phone when you chat with your woman, even on business, may spoil everything. It is better to put your smartphone aside, and focus your attention on the lady.

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12. Hiding your real feelings

Most men are used to keeping their true feelings a secret. They do not want to be hurt, that’s why they are sure that this is the only way to avoid disappointment. It doesn’t mean that you should share your feelings at once, but you are highly recommended to let the woman feel your emotions. 

How to Avoid Dating Mistakes?

Now you know dating mistakes to avoid. But how can you actually do it? Let’s find it out. These tips may help you succeed:

  • Decide who you want to meet. Determine your dating purpose and think what person may match you. 
  • Mention your vision directly. It would be nice if the woman understands what you expect from your communication. Refuse playing mind games. It will only spoil your experience. 
  • Stay who you are. Let the woman see what kind of person you are, and what do’s and don’ts are important for you. 
  • Do not forget your initial plans. If the woman expects more than you can offer her, it is better to stay frank and remind her everything once again. 
  • Leave when you feel unhappy. You can try again and again until you feel like that. You surely can’t avoid online dating mistakes at all. But, you should do your best to be happy. 

What not to Do When Dating? 

Of course, these are not all pitfalls of online dating and offline experience. Still, now you have a general idea of things that you shouldn’t do to date successfully, and even reach your goal. Mind that you should be completely ready to start a new experience, and know what you want.  Also, you are recommended to be attentive while choosing the woman. If you do not have enough time to date with locals, you can consider online dating. Choose the website attentively to come across women who have the same dating purpose as you do. For example, on Real Dating you can meet ladies who dream about meeting a real man like you.  Learn how to keep conversation with the girl, and enjoy pleasant communication. Remember that it is possible to avoid dating failures, so stay positive and open-minded.

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